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It's funny you mention Romanov Autumn, Louise--I just read the chapter that dealt with the Konstantine branch and contained some interesting tidbits re: NK. Let's see:
1) He stole diamonds off the icons of his mother (and admitted that theft and others without remorse)
2) Had been the spoiled darling of his parents to the neglect of many of the other children.
3) Was shipped off to various exiles where he continued to cause trouble, take up with a mistress (who would follow him) and father 2 children with her.
4) Was such a troublemaker while in exile that his "handlers" had to keep being replaced.
5) Supposedly married in secret using a fake name to a dancer (?).
6) Was a bit of a poseur in his early years, liking to come off as a revolutionary but was really regarded by people as shallow, selfish and self-involved.
And that's only so far, I'm only 1/2 through the chapter!

This topic is often discussed in (man, there are experts there on this and the ensuing succession issue). It's my understanding that after quite a few years, the Tsar eventually "forgave" (if that's the same as official condoning) Kyril and allowed him and Victoria to return from their exile and his rank, etc...was returned to him. Re: the succession of their descendants to the "throne" this issue of official recognition comes up as well as the first cousin issue and the fact that Victoria Melita didn't convert right away. The irony being that they returned not too long before WW1--they probably would've been better off staying in exile. As for the Duchess of Coburg, I don't have any hard evidence but since she adamantly opposed and eventually scuttled the romance of her daughter Beatrice and Nicholas II's brother Michael on just those reasons (1st cousins), I can't imagine she was too thrilled, especially with the ensuing scandal. However, I also imagine that as fierce as she was she didn't take too well to the punishment that was meted out to her daughter.

If I remember correctly in Flight of the Romanovs the deal with NK and the mystery/conflicting reports regarding his death. I forget if they draw any conclusions or just state the various reports. It's an interesting book as it deals with the non-immediate royal family and their escape and exile. I believe they talk a bit about the Iskanders but I could be wrong, it's been awhile.

I've been to this site and being greedy, I go after as many as I could find. The way to find the most is to type in titles, i.e. Princess will bring up Empress Frederick, Princess Alice, Princess Louise, etc...down to many of the granddaughters as well. Same with Prince, King, Queen, etc....Also searching by country/state like Prussia, Hesse, etc...I also found searching by titles like Connaught, etc..A wealth of good stuff and some great pictures of Queen Mary as a young girl. Also great ones of Ducky, Ella, Irene and Victoria Hesse. There are many that aren't yet available in digital form to view, but they're constantly updated and these could still be ordered. Great site!

Actually, wasn't it Queen Alexandra who called Thora "Snipe"? I believe she once referrenced Princess Christian's possible hopes that George would turn to Thora for a bride after Eddy died with the remark about "her lovely Snipe chasing you about" or something similar. Very catty and the remark about daughter's not being beauties still holds--the Wales girls were as a whole nothing to shout about.

relating Queen Ena and the jewels i´ve just read in a new book on this subect that the spanish queen´s favourite stones in spite of their low value were the aquamarines(i´m not sure i wrote it correctly) and this because she saw Alexandra wearing these stones when a child and was very impressed(Ena had a portrait of the Tsarina hung in her study) . I read as well that grand duchess Ella sent her as wedding present a big saphire in 1906.

Can I ask where you read this? It touches on 3 of my favorite topics--royal jewels, Queen Ena and Ella! Many thanks.

In one of the more recent issues of Majesty magazine (the one with Sophie Wessex and her new daughter on the cover) has a pretty decent article on Elisabeth. There isn't much new information, but there are quite a few charming photos (including one with her cousins Olga and Tatiana) and one of the marble angel Ernie had dedicated to her.

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