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on youtube there is the movie "We The Russian People" (1965) a Soviet era film on WW I with no English subtitles

has some more info on some of the people mentioned in this book;
Col Vladimir n Malstev has what units he was with in the White Army in South Russia. It also has him emigrating to Yugoslavia where he died in 1940

Col Dmitri N Loman executed in September 1918. His son who stayed behind in the USSR wrote a book about him. Also note Lazart 73 which he headed was Maria's and Anastasias hospital.

Also on the shirt Rasputin was wearing when he was murdered you say in print a blue shirt and in the photo it is a light color so I would say it is a light blue shirt.

Purishkevich calls it a cream shirt
Yusopov calls it a white shirt

Europeans of this era used the term white more loosely to mean any light color I would say Yusopov was doing so. As for Purishevich it could be a case of the same or a  translation problem

Having Fun! / Re: Coloured Pictures XXXVII
« on: July 15, 2020, 06:29:12 PM »
for some very well done colorized pics of the IF see The Romanov Royal martyrs on youtube

The Last Tsar put out the Footage of the Romanovs on youtube  which shows the same film clip more than once and has a number of other film clips of them.

Also on youtube The Romanov Royal Martyrs has a number of photo displays of the IF and includes some very well done colorized photos

Imperial Russian History / RIA officers
« on: June 05, 2020, 05:50:31 PM »
A frind of mine pointed out a site in Russian that i was able to google translate somewhat containing brief bios of officers of the Russian imperial army 1900-1917. see:

I have looked through some of them there are a lot of Romanovs not Grand Dukes or princes

The one on GD Dimtri p has him engaged to Olga N!?

It also contains some photos that some of us might like

on youtube I just found "Footage of the Romanovs" which looks it has about every surviving piece of film footage of the IF 3hours plus

I just found on youtube a video by a man named Chris Butler called "Execution of the Romanov Family: The Guns Used/Collections and History Corner" where he discusses the weapons used to kill the IF and an account of their murder. It could do with some "polish" you might say. It is of some interest and use to some people on this site

ww2 week by week on youtube has a brief bio of Prince Paul, a discussion of the coup where he was overthrown and possible British involvement along with the weeks before and after the coup where the Germans invade and Yugoslavia is overrun and destroyed.

A new book that has just come out "Russia's Iron General"  a bio of General Alexei Brusilov by James h Cockfield  who has a number of books out on Russia see Will read one day

The Windsors / Re: Change of name to Windsor in 1917
« on: March 01, 2020, 03:56:25 PM »
Note the first Gotha raid on England was on 25 may 1917. online look up Gotha G IV. also on there is the RAF WW I official history:
"The War in the Air Being the Story of the Part Played in the Great War by the Royal Air Force" which does have some info on the air raids on England.

A good book on this subject "The Air Defense of Britain"

For Helen A another book "The Long Fuse" also deals with how the British lost America from the British side.

Books with youtube videos by the author:
Abductions in the American Revolution on people being kidnaped or captured during the American revolution includes a plot that turned out to be false to kidnap George III and a real plot to kidnap the future King William IV.

Spies, Patriots and Traitors, Spying during the American revolution by a ex CIA agent

The Windsors / Re: King George III, his Queen Charlotte and their family
« on: February 28, 2020, 06:29:34 PM »
King George III's map collection is online at

The book "The Men Who Lost America" says George III expanded his military and naval knowledge greatly during the American Revolution hence the map collection.

on youtube the author of this book has some presentations dealing with this work type in "The Men Who Lost America"

Tsarskoe Selo Palaces / Re: The Amber Room of the Catherine Palace
« on: February 14, 2020, 07:30:31 PM »
There is a group called the Monuments men Foundation that is on the hunt for Nazi loot. They sometime have programs on the American Heros Channel including one on the Amber room. I saw it and they think it may be buried in Kaliningrad  as well. The channel does repeat programs so if you keep an I on their schudual you might be able to see it.

I believe the Discovery channel Expedition Unknown program did do one on the Amber Room.

I hope this is of some help.

Books I have recently read
The Revolution of 1905 in Odessa by Robert Weinberg deals with Odessa and the 1905 revolution period and how it affected the city and  why it had such a bad Pogrom against Jews.
Tannenberg The First Thirty days in East Prussia by MG Sir Edmund Ironside (Later a Field Marshall see his wiki bio) deals with the battles of fought in East Prussia, including Tannenberg in the first part of WW I not the best book in the world does have a good selection of maps and has some good insites on the German and Russian armies and what they did right and got wrong.

newsreel on youtube: AEG Bombers german Air Base in Dobrudja 1916. The aircraft are AEG G-III bombers of Kaghol 1 or KG 1 for short. Se the book AEG airaft of WW I by jack herris for color profiles. Note KG 1 is the unit mentioned in Queen Marie of Rumania's memoirs that bombed Burkarest badly on 25 Sep 1916. has a longer clip containing this segment "El Avance victorio de Makensen for la Dobruja. In it there is a clip of smoke from Russiaan warships off Constanta rumania. the Russian navy shelled the city after the Germans captured it on the following date:
1 nov 16 cruiser Pamjat Merkurija broke off do to false submarine alarm
2 Nov 16 destroyers Bystry and Pospesnyj no notable damage
4 nov 16 Pamjat Merkurija where 15 out of 37 fuel tanks destroyed.

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