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Imperial Russian History / Attack on the Slava 12 september 1916
« on: September 17, 2011, 01:14:58 PM »
Good day this is the first quesion I have posted on this iste. I am in the process of writing an artical for "Over the Front" magazine on the 12 September 1916 air attack on the Russian Battleship Slava can anyone help me? I have the books "Expendable Glory" and "The Russian Fleet 1914-1917"  but am looking for more information on the Russian side. i would like to know the names of all the Russian ships present.  i have the Cruiser Diana with 4 big destroyers possibly Novik class and the Slava with 5 or 6 destroyers does anyone know their names? The action took place in the Gulf of Riga. Thanks in advance.

Olga Nicholaievna / Re: Olga's pistol
« on: September 17, 2011, 01:01:39 PM »
Hello everybody this is my first posting on this site. I am a ex-military/history major guy who knows something about firearms. I think Olga's pistol could be a Browning 25 auto (AKA 6.35mm). i have an old firearms book that mentions the Czarist Secret police geting some when they first came out in 1906.  It is rather small and could fit easily into her boot. If not this it could be some other type of .25 or .32 small automatic pistol.  I know browning pistols were quite popular in Europe during this time period and the Tsar could have got hold of one from one of his bodyguards.
 Sadly I don't think it would have done Olga a whole lot of good if she had still had it on 17 july 1918 when she and the rest of her family were murdered. Olga had had a nervous breakdown while working as an nurse and was still emotionaly fragile. Her last weeks alive she was very depressed and had lost alot of weight. She gets to watch her mother and father shot dead in front of her with very little warning. She is on the floor arms around Tatiana crying. Olga has a few minutes to compose herself enough to get the pistol out of her boot before the Chekists come back in to finish the surviors off. If she remembered how to operate the pistol. There is no record of her or her sisters ever firing one. Olga has no more than a few seconds to aim and fire it at Petr Ermakov before he is on top of her. Emerkov is an ex-con with 9 years in prison behind him. he is also wired up on hate/vodka/adrenilin as high as he can get. Olga would have had on her a Browning which has a 6 round magazine. this is a very weak pistol cartridge. There are numerous examples of men in Emerkov's state who have been shot several times with more powerfull rounds and it did not even make them blink. So with a whole lot of luck Olga might have been able to wound him and he might have died of complications some weeks later.  Also right behind him is Yakov Yurovsky who is armed with a Mauser c96 pistol who calmly shot and killed Tatiana. He could have shot and killed Olga with no real effort.

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