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I liked the one in Massie's Nicholas and Alexandra...I've forgotten who played Nicholas however. Good guy- Excellent acting and looked just like him. I see Ian Mckellen as Gandalf now...Doesn't work, but he's an excellent actor. I liked how Alexandra spoke too, the one in the same film. (Not Greta Sacchi) Though she was good too.

Peace out.

I loved this movie/show, and the family all together with their glowing white garments, looking like angels. I cried both times I saw it.

and hayley joel osment as alexei

Oh no, don't say that!!! I can't stand him!!! I used to love him, I guess it comes with change. Still, I've a boy in my school who looks so much like Alexei, it's rather scary. I want to show you all a pic. His facial features- the jaw and the eyes...Everything! Amazing. I will try and show you, if I get permission from him!
I saw a man in a very regal theater last year who looked so much like Nicholas, he thought it strange that we kept staring at him.
There is another girl in our school who resembles Marie, strongly.
And if you watch the movie, Vanity Fair, you'll notice that one of the older daughters of the old man who buys the painting in th beginning, resembles Tatiana greatly. This is where I wish I had pictures...Hold on. :o Wait here you go!!!

You should see her in Vanity Fair! Almost dressed to the times...

Nice icon!!! lol

I thought the movie was interesting, though wrong. But I liked the part where Nicholas tells Anastasia to jump, and Alexei leads her to the little waterhole, and her sisters all jump in...I don't know...It was strangely touching, until the scary, evil devil monster appeared.

Peace out.

The Final Chapter / Re: Change of history
« on: October 07, 2005, 04:31:59 PM »
I think it is possible that that Alexandra was going to die, but if I remember after all my thorough reading, I think the Bolsheviks wanted to kill Nicholas and Alexei, for being really the only two who could reclaim the throne, even if Alexei wasn't all too well.
I know they were hoping to spare the women at first, even though they despised the Empress' backround. Obviously, everything else came into play with Marie.
But you are right, all of you, with the ideal of no good dirty rotten Bolsheviks. I hated them so much, I wrote a story and based the antagonists off of them, even incorporating an alteration of the name.
Well, they are where they belong now...
And the Romanovs are in a heavenly place, which I'm sure you all know, even if you aren't Christian.

Peace out, love you guys.

The Final Chapter / Re: The Missing Bodies
« on: October 05, 2005, 05:56:59 PM »

Hi Grand Duchess: I hope you understand that people from all over the world post on this board with all different levels of knowledge about the family. What I did not realize from your post is what your level of knowledge is.

While I do understand what you are saying philosophically about science, it was simply not possible to burn those two bodies. However, I happen to agree with you that the family all died together.

I dunno, it's what's been given, and I believe the established book facts. But nevertheless, I suppose that was to back me up, and I greatly approve of it.

i have been looking for the music box and more would you help me with finding it..? :)

So true!!! :)

I saw the one with Christopher Lee and another with Alan Rickman. I particularly liked the one with Alan Rickman, I think it was more realistic than Christopher Lee's, although some facts were altered.
Christopher Lee's portrayal was so focused about him, you rarely saw the family. I own it, but I don't really like it.

Having Fun! / Dreams You Have Had of Them?
« on: October 05, 2005, 08:29:42 AM »
Anyone had dreams of them? It can be anything. I know I had one, really splendid. But I won't mention it unless someone actually wants to hear it.
Till then,
Peace out.  :)

The Final Chapter / Re: The Missing Bodies
« on: October 05, 2005, 08:12:07 AM »

You are new. Welcome to the Forum. Perhaps as you say you should have read the earlier parts of this topic, but I don't blame you for not reading every post. I will, however, respond to your post.

Many of us are aware of Yurovsky's contention that he burned 2 bodies. However, for scientific reasons, it was not possible to completely burn 2 corpses. This is discussed in some detail in the many books that have been written about this case. You may find these interesting.

Nikolai Sokolov's investigation took place in 1918/19. In 1917, the Tsar was in power for part of the year, then imprisoned at the Alexander Palace, and finally sent to internal exile in Tobolsk. Thus, Sokolov's investigation could not have taken place in 1917, because the murders have been fairly well proven to have taken place on July 16/17, 1918.

My dear, let inform you that I have read and viewed almost every video and book available to my state and country about them. I have read the private reports and everything. Honestly, if you live your life by science,
you are not living life at all.
Oh and my apologies. I do know this. I mixed up the dates, I have a tendency to do so since they're of the same number. All in all, you don't have to explain it to me, I know what happened.
And let me finish with this: The both of them, either Marie or Anastasia AND Alexei died with their family.

Peace out.

Though we will never know for sure, I think it was a combination of her mental illness and her being used by other people who may have been con artists. I don't think she was a con artist herself, though she may have originally had dilusions of grandeur and thought it would be a way to a better life. She never mentioned being a GD until someone pointed out that she looked like Tatiana in a pic, then she changed to Anastasia when someone said she was too tall for Tatiana. After that, I believe she was used by people who thought they could get a payoff from her claim. It's interesting that when I suggest this I get jumped all over and accused of slandering people, while those on the other side constantly 'slander' everyone from Olga A. and Ernst of Hesse to Pierre Gillard to the scientists in the DNA case. Why is it so outrageous to believe she was used by someone who helped her? Does it only make AA supporters angry because it makes so much sense and it's the perfect explaination for all the 'memories'?

Well, anyway, I rant on. Back to your original question, I don't think Anna was any kind of con artist but was likely used by people. I also am convinced she came to believe she was Anastasia in her mind and was not a liar. I would not call her a victim since anything that happened to her was still a bit better than what would have become of plain old Franziska.

Good point, very good point! I quite agree. She obviously wasn't well to begin with, getting ready to jump off a bridge! Seemingly, perhaps going from rags to riches appealed? Maybe the idea of such a title would
make her feel more superior. Dunno, it's a thought.

The Final Chapter / Re: romanov grave
« on: October 04, 2005, 12:55:04 PM »
Muy bien, gracias for the picture, though I did not ask of it. Whoever did that, my thanks to you as well.

The Final Chapter / Re: The Missing Bodies
« on: October 04, 2005, 12:53:03 PM »
 ;)Hey all,
I probably should  have read the full thread before posting, but here I go.
The missing bodies...They were burned. According to a Russian named Sokolov, he accounted for pieces of congealed fat and ashes in a place where a fire had burned not too long ago. This was around late 1917? I believe that is the date.
Sokolov took these remains to King George who would not accept them. Thus afterward, he gave the box of the remains to a Russian church. I've forgotten the name.
The rest of the bodies were in the grave, obviously mangled. Only, scientist research seems to give sufficient evidence that Marie was the one who was burned and Anastasia was in the grave. Kind of destroys the whole Anastasia mystery, doesn't it?
Hope I've been of some help.

Welcome New Users! Read 1st please. / Re: Russian Names
« on: October 04, 2005, 12:47:02 PM »
I wonder then what I would be. Marissa Leoaevna Albanese...
Peace out.

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