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haha I have been a fan since he was 15 too! First time I ever saw him was actually when he was 14-soon-would-be-15, at 1997 Cup of Russia, which is also when I first saw Yagudin. I only saw a 5 second clip of Plushenko, and vowed one day to see him skate. Throughout the year I watched skating, seeing and falling in love with Ilia Kulik, Alexander Abt (AMAZING, LOVE HIM!!!!!!), and finally in 1998 World Championships exhibitions I saw Evgeni, and I still have it on tape to this day. Adorable kid! Since then I was hooked.

I only know a very little bit about Nijinsky, but when I heard he was skating a tribute to him I did research so I could understand the program before I saw it. Seems that us Plushenko fans are the only ones who know what that program is about LOL! Everyone else said it is a travesty, and he's not really balletic (not really balletic, HA! He was offered a place at the Maryinsky when he was TWELVE.) From what I can tell though, he does a great job.

He's not really portraying his life; he's simply thinking of what to dance, in the first half, then in the second half he actually performs it "on stage."

His tribute to Petersburg was his best, I agree. But this is my favorite, I think. I'd love to see him do ballet on stage for real!

The song Nasdrovia is from the musical by Michael Rapp. Greer Firestone has a beautiful novel of Aleksey, it's my favorite Romanov fiction book because it accurately portrays his personality.

Unfortunately I don't know all the words to "The World Outside" from the other musical. but it is adorable. I heard it on, perhaps you'll have luck finding it again. The refrain is cute.

"As we sail through the world outside, sailing, sal through the world outside!"

Since there are so many people who know Nijinsky here, I'm curious as to what you think of Evgeni Plushenko's program Tribute to Nijinsky. Plushenko said that he's fascinated by his story. There seems to be no Off Topic forum here, or I would have posted it there.

For those who have not seen it but wish to, you can watch it on realplayer. There are two different performances, both flawless. One is record-breaking, the other not. the Russian National Championships. the Grand Prix Final, the record-breaking one.

There are two musicals about Rasputin and I have heard music from both.

One of the songs is called Nasdrovia, sung by Rasputin shortly before his death. Here are some of the lyrics.

"Drink my friends, for the night is young, and tomorrow comes all too soon, so drink with me to the songs we've sung, here's to you!"

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm surprised Boubil/Schoenberg didn't sue!!!!!

In the other musical the plot is RIDICULOUS, it's like a parody of reality tv and all of a sudden you're transported to 100 years ago, and they have the actor who plays Aleksey to play the boy Rasputin!

Aleksey's song is adorable though, at the end.

"The world outside will be my home, the world outside will be my throne..."

Musicals are powerful because music is powerful when used right. Look at Moulin Rouge, and Les Miserables, The Sound of Music, West Side Story, Phantom of the Opera, Evita, things like that. They're great at making you emotional.

Lloyd Weber wants to make a musical on Nicholas and Alexandra too.

I only saw the parts with the "real" Romanovs, and that part bugged me cause of its inaccuracy too LOL.

But Christian is so great, I love him. Far better than Roderick Noble, but the best Aleksey would be Freddie Findlay.

The Final Chapter / Re: Photos at Ipatyev House?
« on: July 08, 2004, 02:00:10 PM »
Thanks! I am glad to have that information now. Yep, that's the photograph!

The Final Chapter / Re: Photos at Ipatyev House?
« on: July 08, 2004, 12:27:11 PM »
I have a photograph on my computer that I got from my friend Lanie, and I saw it again on some website but I forget where, anyway it is the last known photo of Aleksey taken in the Ipatiev House, with Olga. They are sitting at a table, from what I can see there's flowers on the table. I have it on my computer and will send it to anyone who wants to see it via e-mail, maybe that can help clear things up about it. On the website it said it was taken in June 1918. Of course the same was said about the photo of Aleksey and his dog which appears at the end of N&A The Family Albums.

That is so funny! Yes, rapscallion certainly fits the bill for him!

Absolutely. I heard a story that he comforted a man by the name of Fredricks (now this was in a historical fiction book so I don't know how reliable it is LOL) after he lost his son in the war, and Fredricks told Nicholas that Aleksey would make a fine Tzar someday, but wouldn't give any details about what happened exactly cause he promised.

Again that was in a fictional book but who knows it might have had some truth to it.

But I do know he was a very compassionate, caring young man, mature beyond his years especially after Spala as I recall. But he was still young at heart, enjoying childhood pleasures when he could, like playing war with his sisters and so on.

I love these stories because it makes me feel like I knew him as a friend, you know?

After chatting with Dasha, this is based on fact. :) The man had a different name. John Hanbury-Williams. I think that was the name mentioned in the book, I just haven't read it in ages LOL.

Haha! that is so like him I think! Ahh, what a perfect way to remember the Naslednik than to think of all these funny stories!

LOL LOL LOL omg that's funny!!!

Seems like we like to think he's ordinary but he himself liked to think he was above the rest LOL you know what I mean? Even while they were in Tobolsk, poor kid was still talking about when he would be Tzar. Sigh...

Well, Lanie told me that sometime, the Japanese royal family visited Russia, and Aleksey met the princess and they were outside, and he told her to sit in the mud, and she didn't, and he said I'm the Tzarevich, you have to do what I say, and I order you to sit in the mud. He said something to that affect. Poor girl did it! Lanie said she cried. What a scoundrel he was haha!

I can't give any dates or anything cause I heard it so long ago but I will ask her today if I see her online to give me more info haha.

Aww thanks for the welcome. I'm so overwhelmed here at this board I don't know where to start! It took ages just to find a proper signature quote! LOL I had so many ideas, but I decided for once NOT to use something to do with figure skating LOL.

I'm a huge skating fan and a huge Romanov admirer as well, with great interest in the personal lives of the family, especially Aleksey of course. As I recall he was good at making up all sorts of games, and had a bit of an imp in him LOL. I fondly recall the first time I read about the strawberry incident HAHA and my mouth dropped open when my friend Lanie told me about the Japanese princess's visit!

Well, I'll be around! Thanks again for the welcome! You definitely haven't heard the last of me!


What a truly wonderful occasion to celebrate. This is my first post here, today I just discovered this place, I'm so happy a lot of people like Aleksey as much as I do hehe. I have a special wallpaper I have made ages ago, I plan on making another very special one just for this occasion, with text that says something about the 100th birthday.

Such a sweet child. Happy birthday, dear! hehe I'm sure he's be watching over all of us.

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