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Beaudeen isn't from North & South. It's the name of the character in Titanic who makes the reference to Anna Anderson.

Happy birthday, Aleksei Nicholaievich Romanov :) +++++++ May the Lord God, Jesus Christ, continue to grant eternal peace and may your spirit continue to inspire and comfort the living who constantly discover and rediscover your touching, tragic legacy.

Also un-related to the Romanovs directly, but for those fans of ROYAL PAINS out there, there is a case, I think it is a recurring character? of a teenaged boy (17 I think) with hemophilia. Sadly I have not seen the entire episode(s) with him so I don't know if they mention Aleksei but that would be interesting. I'm sure someone else can explain further... I know that his father got addicted to antidepressants? I think? and that was taking a toll on their relationship... Anyway what I did see was good.

Allow me to offer my own compliments for that great vid Annie! Just marvelous, and I've also never heard the Barry score, which is strange for me... but I bet my friend Craig has! He's a BIG fan of the late Mr. Barry!

Ahhhh I se what you mean :) Mom did say that now that I think of it. Thanks for clarifying!

I thought Reelz (or Reels?) Channel made the Kennedys mini-series... at least, that's where it aired here in the US. Not to be nitpicky but if it's the same miniseries I'm thinking of, it's nothing to do with the History Channel... But granted I don't know that much about the making of it, only that they had a hard time finding a network that would broadcast it and finally Reels picked it up.

My mom was angry because it aired the same time as Mildred Pierce. I told her that Mildred Pierce came on at midnight, and several times the following two days, so she didn't have to miss it. :) She was a big supporter of JFK and RFK.

This is the very first video, of any kind, that I made. I have mixed feelings about it now, thinking of what I could have done to improve it... Nonetheless, it is on youtube... Hope you guys like it:

"The Greatest Thing"

This was made a few years ago, when I had more of a clear idea what I was doing. This is a special tribute to the Tzarevich Aleksei Nicholaievich... I feel I should explain the video a bit though so as to avoid possible confusion, since it does have an odd concept.

The videos (there are three versions) feature figure skaters who have suffered serious adversity in their lives and most of them happen to be Russian (Johnny Weir is the lone exception). The skaters skate a sort of imaginary performance in prayer to the Royal Child-Martyr, to the song "Star of Bethlehem" from the film "Home Alone." It contains some very beautiful lyrics, fitting for the particular skaters as well as Aleksei. So I thought it was fitting to combine the two. I'll outline briefly the problems the various skaters have had to overcome:

As I've pointed out here, Evgeni Plushenko has endured great injuries and poverty, as he worked his way toward his dream of Olympic Gold, realized with a torn meniscus he had suffered for 3 years prior... I also felt his eyes resembled Romanov eyes, so that is why I feature him first...

Johnny Weir was, at the time, the true inspiration for making the video. Just prior to its creation, he suffered a devastating ankle injury just after beginning his performance at the 2005 Skate Canada competition. I discovered long after I made the video that he too is interested in the Romanovs. He later went on to win his third consecutive Natioal title.

Ilia Kulik suffered a lingering back injury that left many questioning if he would make it to the 1998 Olympics. He went on to earn the Gold Medal there, but promptly retired from eligible skating because of that injury, but has had amazing success as a professional.

The world knows the tragedy of Ekaterina Gordeeva & Sergei Grinkov, so I won't go into that. But I will say that the first video I show of them is their final performance, 8 days before his death.

Alexei Urmanov was the defending Olympic Champion from 1994 when he suffered the gravest injury for a figure skater, a groin injury. He had to withdraw from the entire 1997-98 Olympic season, and many believed he would never skate again. He later went on to return to eligible skating for another year, earning solid placements. He later won the 1999 World Professional Championships.

Irina Slutskaya suffers from vasculitis (I believe she still does, I don't think that kind of thing goes away), an inflammation of the blood vessels. Like Urmanov, it was believed that she would never skate again. She went on to an undefeated season in 2004-2005, culminating in the crowning achievement of her second World Championship Gold, claimed in her hometown of Moscow. Her story was another inspiration for this video.

I think the only one that people would not know here is Alexander Abt. He suffered more injuries in my opinion than any of the others in his long years on the ice. When he was 19 years old, he skated at a show in Mexico, and fell on a jump. He crashed into the boards, breaking his leg. His left skate sliced through his right quadricep, all the way to the bone. Blood was all over the ice, and he spent 9 months in a Mexican hospital before spending another 3-6 months in a Russian hospital. Every doctor he saw told him that he would never walk again, let alone skate. The accident happened in 1996. The videos I feature are from the year 2002. He earned high placements, but rarely was higher than third. It also seemed that every time I saw him, which was often, he was either injured, or recovering from an injury. After a groin injury amidst the 2004 Nationals, which he entered as the defending champion, he withdrew after the short program, saying in a statement, "I just can't fight anymore." I think he reminds me most of Aleksei.

So that's why I feature those particular skaters. In the video, they all seem to be asking God, and Aleksei, to "guide" them through their struggles. I hope you all enjoy the various versions. I HOPE to make a fourth version, taking the constructive criticism from some fellow montage makers in mind.

Guiding Star: Version One

Version Two: This contains additional transitions and effects as well as a different version of the song with full adult choir and orchestra. I prefer this version of the song to the previous one. Notice the video itself is basically the same... I think it carries more of an emotional weight though thanks to the power of the version of the song.

I would link to three, but it actually doesn't differ too much except with the difference in speed in some videos, and I think in another photo of Aleksei. I thought I had added some other skaters in that version, but I added them in another version that I lost before I could put it on youtube. So I hope you guys enjoy and are able to understand the idea... Feel free to comment. Constructive criticism is appreciated, because I do hope to make a final version in honor of Aleksei's upcoming birthday.

Hope I didn't ramble too much but I felt the video needed some explanation... Anyway, enjoy!

The Final Chapter / Re: Reaction
« on: June 20, 2011, 04:36:52 AM »
I read on this forum in a previous thread, ages ago probably, that Princess Ileana of Romania hoped against hope that Aleksei Nicholaievich would come to reunite with her. When he didn't, she knew he was dead... Beyond that, I don't have any details and sadly can't recall the particular thread; I've read a lot of them.

All Quiet On The Western Front is probably the standard go-to film about WWI!

Legends Of The Fall, though it focuses on an American family, does feature some incredible WWI sequences. It's also a very beautiful and emotionally-charged film. It's one of my favorite films of all time, but I have to be in a VERY somber mood to watch it, because it is EXTREMELY depressing.

Although it is not exactly featured through the movie, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button starts with WWI, and could be blamed entirely for Benjamin's mysterious condition (aging backwards). It's not about the war, but it may interest you anyway.

Tsarevich Alexei Nicholaievich / Re: Alexei anecdotes
« on: May 17, 2011, 01:58:39 AM »
Was just browsing the forums, and I wonder if anyone can post some anecdotes regarding Aleksei and his guards in captivity? Was just curious.

A woman named Kali, she's a former acquaintance and friend, runs it, or at least she did. I think Lanie contributed to it, and Kali, during our days as friends, asked Dasha and I to do Aleksei's page... but unfortunately our friendship ended though I kept trying to work things out with her.

I love that song, though being only 29 this year, I did not hear it until 1994-95 when I saw Interview With The Vampire for the first time. It may even have been later... At any rate, the song is re-done by Guns & Roses and I love the harder-edge composition of it. But yeah because I heard the song after I knew about the Romanovs, the reference was not lost on me. I do enjoy the original version of course. Just a great song!

Having Fun! / Re: Advice/Thoughts on Story I'm Writing
« on: May 03, 2011, 06:16:53 AM »
Thanks! Well, the "twist" I was referring to has not yet been revealed! It won't be revealed until later!

Having Fun! / Re: Advice/Thoughts on Story I'm Writing
« on: May 03, 2011, 03:35:23 AM »
Bet y'all thought I forgot about this, didn't ya?

I HAVE UPDATED! Yeah I know it's been forever. And honestly I got cought up with the skating bit, I know I forgot to explain the moves like I did in the past but that will be remedied in the final draft.


Yeah Sarushka maybe it's best Alixz and I move this to my thread. This advice is really helping me out.

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