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Having Fun! / Re: Your Ten Most Disliked Royals and why
« on: April 12, 2007, 12:32:14 AM »
I haven't actually formulated a full list of ten, but I have one that is sure to cause an uproar....

Queen Alexandra usually rates highly favorable among most. But, from what I have studied, she was a person painfully torn between love and hate. Rather than equalizing the emotions and holding an even keel, it seems to me she lived both lives. Her family's distain for Germany leaked all over those close and not-so-close during her adult years as Queen. Her sister had much of the same sentiments in Moscow. Once Vicky and Fritz were gone as well as QV, there were no barriers or calming entities to her lashing out against cousin Willy and Germany in general. My sense is that her demeanor and attitudes were not insignificant in their affect on policy makers and public opinion as the main powers rolled on toward 1914. I think she could have been a positive influence given her public appeal; instead she used it to heat up flames.

I think I get where HK is coming from.  He is trying to extrapolate from our perspectives today how these personal relationships actually had profound influences on major political events.  Very hard to do, but that is some of the fun we have here.

Even today, when royal family relations have become irrelevant in politics, personal relationships play a great part in geopolitical events, IMO.

To go back to the Romanovs...I've always thought Maria Feodoronva was a major contributor to Nicholas and Alexandra's failings as monarchs.  The fact that she refused to turn over the crown jewels to her daughter-in-law shows she was not especially interested in the best for them and the Empire, but perhaps was too concerned about herself.  That said, as a young widow, I think we need to keep in mind she was just a human being dealing with her own grief and loss.  She set the stage for for much of what followed.  What if she had been helpful to Alexandra when she was just how old, in a strange role, a strange environment?

I can't say I dislike Maria, I  just think she was one small part of a tragedy that was to develop.  But maybe she deserves as much blame as has been cast about on others.  All of them were just trying to make sense of their lives and and deal with where they found themselves.


The Tudors / Re: portrait identification
« on: March 26, 2007, 12:59:36 AM »
Here's another supposed image of Lady Jane Grey.  She seems to be popping up several places all of a sudden.,11711,1687349,00.html

I'm no good at comparing these old images.  Could they both possibly be Lady Jane?  Are the similarities due to the style of the time or are the differences due to the different style of the artists? 


Well, I think the "gated estate" part might be true.  :o


Research Russian Roots / Re: Gen. Leonide Novicoff & family
« on: February 20, 2007, 12:00:52 AM »
Thanks George, very interesting site.  This is becoming a real education.  When I first started reading here I was impressed w/ the knowledge and helpfulness of many of the posters and you and Mike have proved that to be true.

I also checked out this site on buttons, posted here a couple of years ago-

The buttons in the photos I have are not clear enough to see, but the insignia on his shoulder boards looks very much like these-Ведомство%20Гражданских%20Инженеров&fn=igi
What I described as a broom or paddle turns out to be a shovel!


Research Russian Roots / Re: Gen. Leonide Novicoff & family
« on: February 08, 2007, 07:30:26 PM »
Wow, thanks again Mike.

I should have guessed the 3 photos were earlier than Rosa's time in Russia from the type of photograph.  Makes me wonder why they ended up in the family photo album.  Well, that adds to the mystery, but now I've got some names.


Research Russian Roots / Re: Gen. Leonide Novicoff & family
« on: February 06, 2007, 08:14:51 PM »
And here are "associates"? of the Novicoffs.  The writing on back is terribly hard to read, but I've made some guesses.

Cacu.r D......jsieboi.
Kapua Ppanizioburr

Ca...r D.....ysiebo.
T... Kacineveko

Doporoie Nana-Cau..
printed below-
Photographe De S.M. L'Empereur
R. Fheodorovetz

Research Russian Roots / Re: Gen. Leonide Novicoff & family
« on: February 06, 2007, 07:22:30 PM »
Thanks so much Mike.  I wondered why his uniform was so plain if he was supposed to be a general.  So apparently he was a "general" in the civil service.  Here's pics of the collar and medal, but I'm afraid they lose too much to be of much use and the medal is very blurry to start.  The 2 crossed items look like a definite axe or hatchet w/ the head on the left, and a broom or paddle.

On the later uniform the stars have been replaced w/ a round symbol that has 5 or 6 raised spots on the edge, it looks like a petal of sorts to me.  The other symbol is now betwen the lower 2 of 3 others, rather than the top 2.

I'm going to post their 3 Russian "friends" next, maybe there's a clue there about these mysterious relatives.


Research Russian Roots / Re: Gen. Leonide Novicoff & family
« on: February 05, 2007, 03:09:57 PM »
Here's larger versions.  I just noticed there's a Scottish tartan w/ the baby in the group photo.  That picture must be ca. 1904-05 I'm guessing as baby Vladmir was b. 1903.  Also the pic of Leonide alone is flipped, the medal was on the opposite side in the original.  (I'm obviously new to this posting photo business, please bear w/ me.)  It's still hard to tell here, but on his collar are 3 stars, with an axe? and something (like a broom) crossed between the top 2 stars.

In the album of family photos there are cds of 3 Russians, 2 of them military.  All I can figure is they were sent by Rosa.  I'll get them scanned and posted, maybe they contain a hint to place these folks in some context.


Research Russian Roots / Gen. Leonide Novicoff & family
« on: February 04, 2007, 11:51:35 PM »
We have an album that belonged to my wife's great-grandfather who came to the US from Scotland.  His oldest sister, Rosa Yellowlees (b. 1873) md. ca. 1900 a Russian, General Leonide Novicoff.  I assume the Russian spelling is Novicov?  They had a son Vladmir, 1903-1909, and Leonide previously had a son Boris.  They disappeared during the Russian Revolution and the family never heard from or of them again.

Any help with info would be greatly appreciated, including suggestions for possible online sources, I've had no luck so far.  Any ideas where I might find a site to verify Novicoff's military service?  Or any suggestions where I might find a clue as to what happened to them?  TIA

Rosas husband General Nivicoff (sp?)

Sister Rosa. son.. husband.
(front printed E. v. Eggert   Riga)
(back stamped Majorenhof)


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