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I have watched the movie for the first time last week, and, though overall I like it (Mr Jayston looks uncannily like Nikolai II), I disliked that a few things were botched: for example, I didn't like one bit Roderic Noble's Alexei, especially when he's supposed to be in much pain; you could tell that his cries were fake, and also his attitude...also that the actresses playing the grand-duchesses didn't look like the real ones at all...

I was disappointed that the movie was more onto the political side of things than stricly the family (although you must have some politics I suppose), and I positively hated the part at the Ipatiev House, except for one scene; when the commander put them in the cellar, and then, the family waits, waits, waits...but WE know what is going to happen...

Hello everyone!

I've watched the little movies of this film, and I'm very interested to have it. I've tried the links provided in the first few pages of this thread, and have been unable to order one copy. Anyone here knows about ONE store where I could buy it?

If not, is there any other solution?

Thank you!

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