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Having Fun! / NAOTMAA, Faberge, and Japanese Anime!
« on: March 29, 2010, 03:56:41 PM »
I was looking up Nicholas II on Wikipedia, and as fate would have it, stumbled across this Japanese anime movie that involves NAOTMAA. It's called "The Last Wizard of the Century", aspects of the plot reminded me of of "The Kitchen Boy." I was a little perturbed at first when I watched it, but then I found it amusing, and I figured you would too:

(this is just the clip with the best part, to view the whole film look for the different parts in the side bar).

Having Fun! / Liubov Sviataya: A Short Story
« on: August 17, 2009, 11:20:37 PM »
I just read RosiePosie's fanfiction of the Romanov executions and I just can't resist the urge to post one I wrote last summer for Holly. This is from Anastasia Nicholaievna's view, I tried being witty like her and failed. Horribly. I took liberties also only with the matter of her jaw. From the source I was using she was shot in the head, but apparently did not die from it. I know some of the girls skulls had dislocated jaw bones so I went with it....

Please read and tell me what you think : D

Liubov Sviataya

There are footsteps coming from the drawing room. Someone is coming. They glide across the dining room, around the large table, six-seven-eight, why do I bother counting? It’s late. I’m far too tired for this. There isn’t any other choice but to answer when the footsteps knock on our bedroom door. I let Tatiana do this, she’s already thin as a stick, why waste my effort, I can’t imagine that walking to the door or any amount of exercise could help my appalling weight gain. Even Mama had mentioned it. Spasiba Mama, I love you too. That’s a quip, but what the footsteps say sounds like anything but a funny prank.

“Tatiana Nicholaievna? Could you inform the family we must get dressed? Commandant Yurovsky has told me we all must prepare for an hour or two in the lower area of the house. It seems our Czech friends have come for us! Pray let it be so, I’m sorry for this disruption your highness”

This last bit is whispered, the Lord forbid those pigs hear our own loyal servants use our old titles! I couldn’t be bothered to even care for that right now. I’m tired. Let me sleep for a thousand days and then a week! I know its Eugene Sergeievich, I can see his glasses reflecting what little light is filtering through the painted windows. Trust the red pigs to think we’d try to escape by staring out the windows. We’re clearly such devilishly crafty people. But now I don’t care about the Bolsheviks and their silly imaginations, I need sleep. Why can I not have it?! The door closes after Tanya thanks Botkin—trust her to use manners at the devil’s hour—and  she strides over to Papa and Mama’s room. Stride is a good word, she’s like some gazelle. A deeply emaciated and skinny one.

I can hear Tatiana say what Eugene Sergeievich just told her.

Papa utters a weary “Shto? What? Yes my malenkaya, lets us get up then.”

Tatiana comes back into our airy little room, and moves for the switch to the ormolu light fixture overhead. I have never hated her so viciously as now. It’s too late though, the burning light hits my eyes as they adjust to the sting.

“Urrrghhhhhh! What fool dare invade my slumber?!” I mutter aloud to my sisters in the room.

Tatiana gives me a frighteningly stern look and tells me to get up. I defy her. Already Mashka and Olga are rising like phantoms from their cots near mine. I should like to think they have the same thought on their minds as me: what nonsense can this be? They move to get up but the lateness of the hour still casts its spell over them and Maria falls back onto her pillow with an entertainingly loud plopping noise. I giggle like a rodent. Papa comes into the room and looks us over.

“My darlings, this could be serious, please, get up now and get your things ready,” he says while staring at me with his sweet crinkled eyes.

   If papa wants it, then so do I. I fight against gravity and all that other nonsense to get my bottom out of my blankets. The floor feels cool beneath my feet. Lovely. Olenka is already busy at the drawers getting out day clothes and undergarments, Tanya at her side. I sit at the edge of my bed staring at them. I look at Maria and smile at the stupid grin she has on her face, still lost between dream and reality. No doubt some mushy romantic fancy about that guard. He’s gone, a pity.  I’m sure they would have set records with the scores of children they would have had. That’s improper to even think, but again, I don’t care. Right now I focus on getting over to my stockings and chemise waiting in my drawers over by the Big Pair.

I just came across this on the Biography Channel website:

Seems they'll air it soon (in Britain at least), I'm not sure when exactly. Already looking at the description though, it looks like it will be riddled with errors D :

Having Fun! / 90th Anniversary Commemorations
« on: July 16, 2008, 09:08:57 PM »
I know a few topics below there is the thread for users commemorative Youtube videos, but I noticed there being a lack of thread for those who have chosen other mediums to remember the Romanovs on the 90th year of their slaughter. Regardless I made this thread here so those who create drawings and poems and stories even may post! Individuals could even simply use this as a place to express their sentiments on the matter. Hope this is of use.

Also, I just found this, monstrously entertaining if you ask me:

Having Fun! / Why do people love Monarchy and the Aristocracy?
« on: May 15, 2008, 04:03:00 PM »
Attention! You're minds and assistance needed!

More or less, I'm looking for your thoughts and ideas on this very question. I have an World History culminating ISU essay due in about a month's time and I'd planned to do something in regards to how upper classes prior to upheaval (WWI, Russian Revolution and such) believe that their way of life would continue endlessly. My teacher thought I could delve into the idea of why so many average people love old monarchs and the aristocratic way of life, and without any real answer I thought I might ask you all here.

So, in essence, if you have any personal thoughts or even the slightest inclination of an idea on the matter, whether it be the question or my essay topic in general, please by all means share! Not only would I appreciate it but I think getting the thoughts of others is excellent and I really hope to make this essay phenomenal (I'm a Grd. 11 in a Grd. 12 class so this would be something that universities and colleges would be looking at and making decisions on!).

Do help! My deepest gratitudes if you can.

Having Fun! / Something Highly Entertaining- Historic World Events
« on: January 30, 2008, 09:06:33 PM »
I recently went to the library awhile ago for research on a Sociology essay and randomly found myself to have wandered into the children's section. However my litheness proved to have its rewards, for as I was passing down an aisle I noticed this HUGE book sticking out of the bookcase and I took it out and opened it only to find two enormous pages on the Russian Revolution! Anyways I immediately checked it out and scanned the pages for everyone's viewing pleasure. I especially like the illustrations. The pages were so big I later had to paste them together  in photoshop, but here you all are:

The pages:


Some close ups:

Anyways hope you all find them equally entertaining as I did, this book does have some rather mature content in it for children, but nonetheless its the Romanovs so who cares. I'm in a huge rush right now so if this thread is entirely inappropriate I leave it to Laura Mabee and the Administrators to merge it or move it.

Having Fun! / My Russian Project!
« on: December 18, 2007, 04:23:42 PM »
This is my newly finished Russian project for my grade 11 Anthropology/ Sociology/ Psychology class. The theme is "How the Russian Autocracy kept the people oppressed, and the consequences for it." I don't actually believe they were kept oppressed intentionally, but I had to give it that view if I wanted to do something on Russia (the main purpose being for a project on Groups and Discrimination).

It's actually 6 dioramas stuck together, making a circle:

1.) 1861- Emancipation of the Serfs. Here we see Russian peasants milling in the fields under the grueling hot sun while they harvest.

2.) 1881- Immense Poverty. Little change after the freedom of serfs. Here we see a Russian family of peasants in their decaying apartment. 80% of Russia was composed of peasants and the like.

3.) 1905- Tension Grows. Here the Okhrana/ Secret Police raid a group of revolutionary up starters during the 1905 revolution.

4.) 1913- The Russian Aristocracy. They live in unprecedented opulence, in their gilded asylums. Russia's Aristocracy is said to have been the most decadent and frivolous known to history. Here nobles gather in a fashionable salon, reveling in their finery whilst the people starve.

5.) 1917- Revolution. The people have taken justice into their own hands, and ended the 300 year Romanov Dynasty. Here Lenin is seen, leading them into their future.

6.) 1918- The People's Revenge. The Imperial Family is executed on July 17th 1918. Their death was intense in violence, pain, and gore. This symbolized the end of what had been, there could no turning back.

I worked quite hard on this one, hope you find it of interest!

I saw this just recently on! It is entitled The Grand Duchesses: Daughters & Granddaughters of Russia's Tsars by E. Beeche. It entails 20 biographies of different Grand Duchesses including OTMA of course, and even the current claimant of the Imperial Throne.


I think it looks like an excellent source of information, and well done.

Research Russian Roots / Do You Know This Lady?
« on: September 10, 2007, 04:21:09 PM »
Hi there, I posted a topic just like this in Having Fun, but no one has replied. I thought this might be better in this thread, it's more to do with the Imperial Court.

I've recently come into contact with a rather fascinating individual who's great aunt was in fact a retainer of the Imperial Family up until 1905. He has many photographs, but one in particular stands out.
It's one  of a young lady, in Court Dress, with writing on the back (by his great aunt) detailing mostly about the dress itself. If anyone knows who she may be you'd be doing a great service to my friend and maybe even solving something of a family mystery!

Lady In Court Dress:

Back Note:

Photos courtesy of Chris.

Having Fun! / NAOTMAA Requests Anyone?
« on: August 06, 2007, 10:40:45 PM »
If you are already familiarized with my artwork, well then you know I LOVE drawing the NAOTMAA! For those who haven't, please do check:,9469.0.html  I've been meaning to do a new Romanov piece since my memorial portrait of their execution, and can't decide. So I wondered if any of you had any beloved photographs you'd love to so me draw! I pray I don't come off as conceited, if not many people reply this should be deleted so as not to take up space.

Having Fun! / Memorial Works
« on: July 16, 2007, 03:06:04 PM »
Seeing as the 89th Anniversary of NAOTMAA's Execution is tomorrow, maybe some people would be making special things like pictures or poetry or stories, or whatever! I thought it might be a nice idea for people to post anything on this thread to create something of a memorial shrine. If not too many people post, this thread should probably be deleted so as not to waste space.....

Having Fun! / Alexander Palace and Ipatiev House...on Sims 2!!
« on: July 09, 2007, 12:05:22 AM »
Hey everyone! For like the last two years I've been creating Romanov buildings on Sims 2 for fun.....and out of obsession o_o .... and I would like to share my Alexander Palace, NAOTMAA, and Ipatiev House with you!




Anastasia, Marie, and Tatiana:




Ipatiev House:

What do you think?  :-\

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