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Rasputin / Re: Pictures of Rasputin
« on: May 18, 2007, 10:23:21 PM »
I agree wholeheartedly Belochka!
Thank you so much for posting these Vladm!
Where did you find these images? Are there more higher-resolution versions anywhere to be found?
Thanks again! Informative post!

please be more patient, we were waiting for LONG LONG LONG time, I sent my reporter ( to history of Revolution museum, and head of the museum was in shock, about knowledge and informative request of our agency, but anyway she denied our request to get a copy of the pictures, and I found alternative source, I hope - few more days, I will have detail copy of the autopsy report pictures.

Rasputin / Re: Pictures of Rasputin
« on: May 18, 2007, 03:07:35 AM »
Here the 3 pictures of his body:

Rasputin / Re: British Foreign Office Files & Rasputin
« on: March 23, 2007, 11:20:39 PM »
Sorry for taking "possible intervention of the British in the murder of Rasputin" thread to other direction, it was partially my fault. This is why, I start other thread, with much broader discussion.

Rasputin / Re: British Foreign Office Files & Rasputin
« on: March 23, 2007, 04:39:12 PM »
... I can see your point of view, who actually killed him, basically who end his life. But for my opinion, every single one of them murderer.

Many contributed but in the end it was the Emperor who paid the final price.


Actually you under estimating significance of the Rasputin death - ultimately entire Russia paid the final price.
Reason for that, Yussupov was right, immediately to replace Rasputin's place, every scumbag was trying to get there, failing to realize, that Rasputin was not employed. But that created some turbulence, with a turning from pro Imperial view, to why do they need Nicholas at all.
Rasputin death, for my opinion, was like catalysis process, in Russian political system back in 1916/1917.

Rasputin / Re: Who is responsible for the Rasputin death?
« on: March 23, 2007, 04:26:26 PM »
No one disregard your hard work, contribution and knowledge. Some one, including me, don't believe magically appearing evidence, thats all.
Especially, from my background, I am must question everything. I lived most of my life under communist regime, and about 15 years ago, most of my life - turn out to be smoking mirrors: red - become bloody stream of innocent lives, most of my relatives were fighting for there basic right of survival, who did not believe a single word coming out from the idealogical leaders(that was news to me), but did what ever they had to do. Now, I have tendency to question everything, and like innocent child, and will continue to do so, until I will be satisfied.
In order to seek the truth, I am willing to visit England and you, just to see first hand your proof of your evidence, before that, I am sorry, your word will not be enough for me.
Btw, I am using my real name, and my name is not hiding anywhere.

I am questioning not the actual event of Rasputin death, but what lead to that unfortunate day.
So, question is more on philosophical side.
I will give you example:
Could be Rasputin responsible, for his death, as low educated muzhik, by entering big politics, mentoring the Czar, on political agenda.
Other mistake, how did the public find out, he Rasputin, advices Nicholas II on his direction.

Rasputin / Who is responsible for the Rasputin death?
« on: March 23, 2007, 04:02:46 AM »
We keep discussing who made a last shot - killing Rasputin. I think more important  question, who is responsible for the Rasputin death?
Single person, group, or combination of the events.
Also, possibility Rasputin himself, responsible for his own execution, because he entered big politics, without knowledge of consequences, basically overestimated himself.

Rasputin / Re: British Foreign Office Files & Rasputin
« on: March 23, 2007, 03:54:49 AM »
... So, for my opinion, and few folks who participating in this thread, would be most important - who delivered second shot ...

Sorry Vlad but I disagree. The first was just as fatal as the second. The third bullet, I believe was the most interesting and would not have changed the inevitable, but it did contribute to the cause of death.


Margarita, I know you are disagreeing on that one, I am more talking about folks like Robert, who would probably, agree with my point of view. As I hope you've got from my prior statements, R was paralyzed from second shot, and that shot, stopped him from running on the street, and allowed to execute there evil plan, to dump him in to river (they would perfectly execute that plan, even without third shot), this is why I think - third shot was insignificant.
I can see your point of view, who actually killed him, basically who end his life. But for my opinion, every single one of them murderer.
Interesting question, for the separate thread: who is responsible for the Rasputin death?

Rasputin / Re: British Foreign Office Files & Rasputin
« on: March 23, 2007, 01:14:08 AM »
Purishkevich, is, as Yusupov a serial liar in respect of the vents surrounding R's death. 
I agree, they could be liars, but Yusupov wrote his book 10 years from the event, I would be surprised if he had his story straight.
... (or the shot to the head - whichever scenario you choose to accept) was fired from point blank range by a weapon that discharged a jackjeted catridge
I think we can not determine jacked or unjacked bullets, because none of us, have a bullet in our hands. All image base forensic, for my opinion, is not far from reading coffee grains.

Purishkevich's nonsense story of firing from 20 spaces away is just that nonsense.  The forensics do not lie. Professor Zharov, Russia's who I interviewed and Professor Pounder of Dundee university both confirm my view.
Richard, I think you paying attention too much for the final shot, where I think this shot is irrelevant, because Yussupov, could try to exclude from his story, some one important, for example grand duke Dmitri Pavlovich. Also, as we know, R was on the ground by that time, and paralyzed, so again, if this shot completely finished him, in our story, this would be grand finale, but insignificant.
So, for my opinion, and few folks who participating in this thread, would be most important - who delivered second shot, and where this shot came from, only one thing we know for sure, it came from Revolver.

My own consultations with my WW1 website suggests strongly that British army officers purchased their own pistols but that a 4.55 caliber Webley (Mark IV. V, or VI) would be the usual choice.  4.55 caliber certainly.
Phil T

Phil, 4.55 is a canon equal to 4"55, British and US revolvers measured in inches, Russian in millimeters. When they say 45 caliber, they refer to hundred fraction of the inch, or equal to 0"455. If some one, would shot from 4.55 gun, I don't think would much left from Rasputin's body.   ;D

Meet the People / Re: Russian Celebrities
« on: March 23, 2007, 12:29:34 AM »
It's ok, huge chunk of Pushkin's history revolved around Tsarskoye Selo (Pushkin town), your example from his lyceum time, probably the most naughty he ever got. Imperial court was waiting for summer time, to get to Tsarskoye Selo, exactly for the same reason, when a lot of boundaries were dropped, that tradition was established by Catherine the Great.

Rasputin / Re: British Foreign Office Files & Rasputin
« on: March 21, 2007, 12:49:58 AM »

Have you seen the Kosorotov Protocol in the museum Vlad? Unfortunately many of us have had to rely on the report which was typed out by a couple of authors in their books, articles or on website pages.

Potapov offers inadequate reasons in his paper and no photographic evidence (at least on the website article) to allow us to better decide whether his conclusion should be acceptable.

Importantly we must always keep in mind that not all the forensic photographs are available at this time. A couple that are available of the corpse have unidentifiable artifacts.


I have to agree with you, on this. But, reference to "Russkaya Volya / Русская воля (№ 8, 10 March 1917)" very precise, and as I described, its not that difficult to get a copy of the original from the library, btw library of the US Congress contains periodical papers from that time, and if Russian library will deny you, it will be possible to retrieve entire copy of the issue from US.
Before ordering anything, they have free bibliography service, and it would be possible to ask if Kosorotov article/report present at this issue, and if library have at all this issue on the paper.
Turn around time, several days.

Btw, I forgot about one more important fact. Material from 1917 can not be copyrighted, but they requesting to sign agreement, you will not publish in any form this material, therefore I would recommend, to ask your husband to purchase the copy, this way, he will not publish it  ;)

Rasputin / Re: British Foreign Office Files & Rasputin
« on: March 21, 2007, 12:37:49 AM »
I found finally source of the all nonsense.
Again link in Russian,
Author Valentin Pikul
"Evil Force"
Here in the second part, approximately at the end of the story, it was reference to Kosorotov's report, including story of the performing autopsy by Kosorotov.
What is interesting, in this book reference made to owner of the "Russkaya Volya" Pavel Grigorievich Kurlov, during 1916 for several month he was assistant of the minister of interior.

Pikul, well known about his belletristic stories, base on actual events. He usually did extensive historical research, and wrap in to nice candy wrapper. Because its belletristic, its tough to distinguish from what is actual historical events, and what was made up by his wild mind.
But I would recommend, to use his stories, as a reference to actual names and events, this way, it is easy to retrieve actual facts and documents.

Rasputin / Re: British Foreign Office Files & Rasputin
« on: March 20, 2007, 10:47:56 PM »
I think you mixing together two Kosorotov reports one from Russkaya Volya / Русская воля (№ 8, 10 March 1917), and other from Poullier Alain. “Raspoutine est innocent”. Paris, 1998. p. 516,


I am combining the two documents in the hope that both represent Kosorotov's views. Until such time that we have definite confirmation that both sources are falsifications, and therefore must be discarded, then it is a legitimate exercise to extract information from both.


I don't think merging them its good idea, one of them fake.
If you looking for truth, you could order copy of the article "Russkaya Volya / Русская воля (№ 8, 10 March 1917)" from, they take credit cards, and it will be cheap.

Rasputin / Re: British Foreign Office Files & Rasputin
« on: March 20, 2007, 10:42:45 PM »
Margarita right about possibility to retrieve bullet from the brain, but possibility is very small. Usually due to faulty bullets, back than it was much more common than now, technology was not up to level. Revolvers back than, did not had spin on the barrel, that significantly increase initial velocity of the bullet, lowing down possibility for stuck bullet in the brain, but that will become immediately insignificant, if bullet was faulty.

About my thoughts:
If we go by Felix's book, for my understanding, Rasputin was running away from some one, it can be  Purishkevich. Let say, first shot was delivered to stomach by Felix, he was assuming he shutting in to his heart. But we know, Rasputin could run with this wound, even it was fatal, it was not enough to kill him immediately.
Other wound was near the spine and disintegrating right kidney, and third one was in to his head (control shot).
Second wound for my understanding, the best candidate for stuck bullet, and bullet could be retrieved not from the spine, but from the kidney.
I have not been at the crime seen, so I would not speculate about it, but position of the shooter will be only from one place - far behind, on the left (unless Rasputin looked at his shooter over his left shoulder), about 20-30 yards, so  Purishkevich can be Rasputin killer.

Pushkin Town History / Re: German occupation
« on: March 20, 2007, 03:27:00 PM »
Thank you so much!
I am also today lucky:
División Azul initial deployment (to Leningrad front)

Map from February 1st, 1943

Map from October 1st 1943


Rasputin / Re: British Foreign Office Files & Rasputin
« on: March 20, 2007, 12:40:39 PM »
I’ve tried to analyze second Kosorotov report, where he describes bullet was removed from the skull, and I see quite few flows in the report. So, I am voting out.
1.   I don’t think it should reference identification report by quoting from it, what was done by Police. Reference if at all, should be done by reference to the report name/date/time/location/(number if present).
2.   He describes - face from his forehead was covered by blood. (after, few hours in the water?)
3.   Shots were done from the different revolvers. (without two other bullets, its smoking mirrors).
4.   Brain matter has strong alcohol smell (hhhm I am not an expert, but even after consumption of large quantity of alcohol, I don’t think our brain socking in it, and purifying, however its not for me decide, but from some person, who ever done autopsy on  some one, who were killed under influence).
5.   Stomach contains, 20 spoons of brown liquid, mostly alcohol and no poison were found. (Wow he is truly magician, without sending to Lab, he determines no poison!? And who ever measure by spoons?)
Also, few other fun nonsense.

In conclusion, I would say, report from “from Poullier Alain. “Raspoutine est innocent”. Paris, 1998. p. 516”, is fake.

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