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The Yussupovs / Re: Mistress of Felix, husband of Zenaide
« on: November 21, 2008, 11:16:33 AM »
In my own very personal opinion,  I find  very hard to believe this story and I am not saying this story is not true, but I find hard to believe that nobody, not even Felix or anybody else wrote anything about Felix Sr and his “other” family. And it is not like people did not write anything about The Yussupov family. I have read good & bad stories about Felix Jr, but no one seems to mention anything about his Half brothers & half sisters.. The Yussupov  were not exactly low profile, especially Felix & Irina, and people wrote stories of them of the times when they were loaded  with money, like their travels, their parties and Zenaida’s Jewell's and of the times they were penniless, like Irina doing their laundry on the bath tub for they could not afford a maid or Felix Jr. making a big scene at an auction house (It was Christie's, I believe) the time the family's valuables were being auctioned by  Soviet Russian Government and I believe the last ones were written with a little of sarcasm for Felix Jr. was not the most  popular aristocrat among the Russian émigré community. He was very well known and respected, but not very well liked…. And yet, no one even had a comment (good or bad) about their immediate “half” family, although they lived very close to each other and according to the sources of some of the participants in this thread, they were in touch with each other, at least for a while……. I find this Intriguing indeed…

Other Palaces / Re: Alexander III Denmark cottage
« on: September 04, 2008, 09:41:44 AM »
I don't think it was in the family when the revolution broke up, otherwise  GD Olga Alexandrova wouldn't have gone to live with her mother at Hividore..

Other Palaces / Re: Alexander III Denmark cottage
« on: September 03, 2008, 06:52:26 PM »
And what happened to it?

Imperial Claimants Post Here / Re: The 8th Thread For Imperial Claimants
« on: August 19, 2008, 10:11:54 AM »
"PRINCE N"? ? ? ? ... Who is "PRINCE N"? ? ? .. I know no "PRINCE N"? ? ? ?
Doug, Have you been visiting that Darkroom again???

The "Always in the spotlight" Tsar Valmont


GERMAN? ? ? ? ?.. I thought it was "Latin" accent..

My dear Douglas, next time I go to the "As seen on TV" store, I'll buy you one of those hearing aids fantastic- fabulous gadgets to replace that old hearing bull horn, it's not working anymore.

The "as seen on TV" Tsar Valmont

I know how you feel my dear Nephew,
As I have always said " Truth is hard to hide"

Tsarskoe Selo Palaces / Re: War Damage of Tsarskoe Selo and Peterhof
« on: August 15, 2008, 01:31:13 PM »

The caption of the photo in the last link reads "The Catharine Palace in Tsarkoe Selo before the destruction by Soviet Artillery"... I thought that only the germans had done damage to the palaces, but it makes sense to me that the Russians, who did not care for anything related to the IF, plus the fact the germans were there, also did some damage to the palaces...

Arturo Vega-Llausás

But that is a very good question. As a mother, I infer she mighth have visit her daugther, but I have not read anything about her visiting Greece. It never crossed my mind. Did she ever?????

Arturo Vega-Llausás

Imperial Claimants Post Here / Re: The 8th Thread For Imperial Claimants
« on: August 12, 2008, 07:11:15 PM »
So, It is no surprise to me ( and everyone else) that after reading all this, the Claimant to the French Throne  left the forum so fast he did not even turn the computer off. That means that  the engagement weekend is off and I'm stuck with a weekend with an opera night, an Imperial ball and nothing to do by laying down by the pool with tons of food and wine just for myself.. Thank you very much!!!..
 I hope to watch the filming TD does of our beloved Ninotchka dancing on the streets of St. Petersburg, while GD/GP Janet amuses the crowd with her exotic outfit (whip included)....I do hope they do not get into any trouble and call in the middle of the night asking for bail money...Now, if you excuse me, my Piña Colada is calling me.... and I have some phones to unplug...

The "reach out & touch" Tsar valmont...

Imperial Claimants Post Here / Re: The 8th Thread For Imperial Claimants
« on: August 04, 2008, 06:42:31 PM »
Anna dearest,
It is so nice that you wrote as I am planning a weekend at Valmonstky with one of the few royal available in the world right now. (And I'm not talking about Tsar Douglas). I invited him over in the French Royals thread. i really do not know what royal house he belongs to but if he's half the royal he says he is, it will make an equal marriage for you or GD/GP Janet. I know you both have not consider a marriage so far, but you can either cut cards or flip a coin for him. On the other hand, I forgot to sent you "Russian Holliday", "All about Grand duchess Anna" and "Whatever happened to GD/GP Janet".. They are even better.. just wait until you read them...I am working on my last one called "Who's afraid of Tsar Doug".. I smell a masterpiece here....

The "20th Century Tsar" Valmont

French Royals / Re: Henri VI second Comte de Paris and his 11 children
« on: August 01, 2008, 01:19:19 PM »
Louis Orleans,
Please do not let yourself be bothered by these commoners who do not have the slightest idea of what being a royal means.  I want you to know you will always be wellcome in the Royal Claimants thread (we are always looking to improve our relations with other royal houses from all over the world) I'm sure that my nieces Grand Duchess Anna & Grand Duchess Janet will be more than happy to meet you. Perhaps we could arrange a Royal marriage between our royal houses. (what ruling house did you say you were from?). No problem, we will arrange a weekend at Valmontsky. What do you say this weekend?. GD Anna will play the Balalaika, GD Janet will recite some poetry and Tsar Douglas will amuse you with his Popsicles (they are a smash this summer).

The Fabulous Tsar Valmont "The Matchmaker"
Tsar of all Russias Rosarito & punta azul..

Nice to hear you are in the Popsicles bussines. I can almost see you will be a smash this summer. I heard it will be really hot.., you know all the stuff one reads in the newspapers about the climate changes & global warming. i must confess thou, it has sent my electricity bill  sky rocket. It is really expensive to cool Valmosntsky to a nice comfortable temperature, no matter if it is right by the see.. BTW, were you at the beach yesterday? I could almost swear I saw from the pool balcony a Popsicle salesmen walking down the beach who look remarkably close like you..
Anyway, I did not know Albert was getting married.... I could almost bet my entire palace (except the pool area, which I love ) that he would die a bachelor, although that body builder bride story somehow makes some sense in the back of my mind...Oh,and do not bother going to the restaurant at palace hill, I was there at opening night and you have no idea how I longed for a "Caviar taco a la Jannet". OK, I'll let you go now, you better keep those Popsicles ruining.. Sunday promisses to be a big day !!..

The "Climate aware" Tsar Valmont
Going green now (and not of anvy)...


Dear Claimants,
I have come out of my 2 year vacation trip around the world due to a personal comment made by my personal secretary. I think he heard it from Zoya Hilaroiskaya at the Court's cafeteria. WHO DARES TO SAY I, THE GRATEST TSAR (since the Russian revolution) DO NOT EXIST????????..
Well.. to that "commoner" who said that.. Here is my answer... "It is YOU who DO NOT EXIST" As Tsar of all Russias & Punta Azul, I hereby declare that I refuse to acknowledge your existence... Thank you very much..

Now, to more important matters, my dear family, please do not think i was neglecting you, I just happend to have forgotten to mail the invitations to my 2 year vacation trip around the world (or was it around the block???) oh well, . I hope you did not take it the wrong way... Seems like poor Britney did not take it very well when she found out. I heard Douglas "forgot" to hide his shaving machine while she was visiting him at his hair parlor....the rest is tabloids history. Although, she started to get better after I told her that if she put herself together, i would take her alone in my next vacation (without KF, of course !!).. but of course, I would have to ask you my dear nieces, I know for a fact she likes to "steal camera" and be the center of the paparazzi everwhere she goes, so I would not like my trip to became "the war of the tabloid queens",  and don't tell me I am making up stories. i heard GD Jannet, locked herself in the bathroom (but forgot to tip the paparazzi about it) and GD Anna is about to give a secret interview, tipping the media like two months in advance. so that sets the score.. GD ANNA - 1 : GD JANNET - 0...

The "He's alive !!!" Tsar Valmont

I wonder, Di he leave any diaries??. I have only read references to his letters or what other people wrote about him..but mot any diary entry...

I don't hink ehr memoirs were written by someone else, because there are many "errors" derived from her great knowledge of French (she sais, for example, something is "bizarro"-when she means "extrano"; the French word "bizarre" or the Spanish "version" she created do NOT exist in Spanish. Stuff like that). There are many errors of fact, such as talking about her sister Pilar's actions at a ball, when he'd been dead for a few years already. On the whole, however, I think the book's great because she talks about her meetings with the Kaiser (whom she liked very much), with the Czech Prime Minister, Nicholas and Alexandra, etc. I reccomend it even if it's just to read some passages, I have the book and find it one of the best I posess :)
PS-She was nicknamed at Court "the Republican" for her moden, liberala nd pro-feminist ideals, though she got on OK with most of ehr family. Perhaps there was qute a bit of friction with ehr eldest sister Isabel.

The word "BIZARRO" does exist in Spanish. and it is used on both, Spain and Latin America. Please check the "real Academia Española" dictionary...

Arturo Vega-Llausás

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