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An interesting exhibition is to be opened at the The Hague Municipal Museum on Court fashion,mostly from the Belle Epoque era.


Many objects were worn by the Highborn Lady Henri√ętte van de Poll,Lady in Waiting to HM The Queen Mother Emma,and from 1886 to 1896 Governess of Princess Wilhelmina,from november 1890,Queen Wilhelmina.

The exhibition will be opened by HM (senior-) Lady-in-Waiting,Mrs.Mienthe Boellaard - Stheemann.A remarkeble Lady herself,and once referred to as;
"The Lady I am often Waiting for"...by HM,as she loves to chat to people and is a bit hyperactive,in a good sence ofcourse.
She is one of two at HM Court that will never be involved in HM policy of re-shuffling her Court every 4 to 6 years,thus preventing it from getting,well,"stuffy".

Together with HM Grand Mistress of The Court,Mrs. Martine van Loon - Labouchère,Mienthe Boellaard-Stheeman forms the very experienced,friendly and tres tres chic duo dubbed as the "Vice-Reines" of The Netherlands.

Eric VdV:
Yesterday, Saturday, 1 december in the afternoon, Prince Laurent attended 100 year scoutism in Deurne (Antwerp), where in addition to the the celebration, the prince first planted a pit and later on a young summer oak tree at the scouts estate "Master Schmidt Hoeve" in Deurne (Antwerp). This symbolic gesture as the aim of scoutism to plant 1 billion trees in addition to the environmental programme of the United Nations.
Saint Nicholas was present too  :)

Eric VdV

Pictures from the event:

Good morning America,hope you tuned in on NBC's Today show.Matt Lauer was here in Amsterdam yesterday during his crazy "see the world in 5 days".He is a nice guy,and funny.As his wife is dutch,so his kids are halve dutch as he proudly announced,it really was a natural choice.

He's gone already ofcourse,he's in Laos now,probably its capital,Vientiane.

According to the latest poll,a tradition on Queensday,85% of us dutch prefer the Monarchy.A number many a Monarchy would be very happy with. :D
A Monarchy under the House of Orange that is,we wouldn't accept any other house,no fear that will change tho,there's a bunch in-line as it is.

Thank you, Lucien, for all the work, you always do for us, to keep us up about the last things, about Benelux Royalty


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