Author Topic: Caution "Foreign transaction fee" in your bank statement  (Read 8501 times)

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Caution "Foreign transaction fee" in your bank statement
« on: September 11, 2007, 04:12:46 PM »
I primarily use for my trip Master Card network, and I found after traveling in Russia "Foreign transaction fee" equal to 3% of the transactions (this is on the top of the 3% fee's they charge to merchants). But this transactions fee applied not only to Credit Cards charges but also to ATM. If you have card with ability to use Maestro or Cirrus network, I would advice to stop using them for duration of the trip, because of the outrages fee's, even for ATM cash withdrawal. My fee's comes up to over $200 in charges total.
I would recommend to read this article before you would decide to investigate any direction:
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