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I just read this book and would like to hear some opinions on it from others who are more informed and knowledgeable about the subject. Is there a general consensus on the credibility of the book?


My opinion is that Felix allways tented to exagerate about the wonderfull and glamorous lifestyle he had when he lived in St. Petersburg. To me, he is not a reliable sorce of information.

Arturo Vega-Llaus√°s

I have to agree. It seemed to me Felix wanted to make himself look like the hero in the story and wanted you to read what he wanted you to believe.
At the same time his accounts about his family and thier lifestyle do somewhat fit the image you read about.

This book reads smoothly, and is not complex.  However there was a tendency to gloss over many important details.

He never did mention which course he enrolled in at Oxford U., where he seemed to be involved in numerous extracuricular activities, in fact anything except to study. How he graduated defies comprehension.

Yet he did love animals ... and himself. He never failed to glamorize himself or the life which he lead.

I think it is important to set Lost Splendor against Y's previous memoris as there are a number of twist and turns that I am highlighting in my paper on R's murder.

You also should also look at Purishkevich's book about the murder and Lazovert's very short piece about it.  I am afraid my view, based on fact, is that Yusupov is an abject liar, certainly in so far as the murder is concerned and therefore probably about some of the other detail in Lost Splendor.

The French ambassador describes him as being liable to embelish things and you get the over whelming impression he is setting out a fantastic story that wouldn't be lost as part of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

It is enjoyable, but certainly as far as the murder is concerned it is miles from the truth.



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