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A visiting exhibition including the wedding dress of Diana, Princess of Wales plus many other items from Diana is openly soon at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, Australia. The items are on loan from Althorp House, the childhood home of Lady Diana Spencer.

I would dearly love to see this exhibition and can't understand it travelling from the other side of the world to appear in only one city (Sydney).  A huge disappointment to many Australians (including myself) who can't attend.  I suppose it must be something to do with sponsorship?

Powerhouse Museum also had an exhibition on the Romanovs. It never travelled elsewhere either. Seems such a long way for such a limited potential audience.

Is this the same exhibition that has been in other cities in the past and that is entitled,  Diana: A Celebration?

The exhibition Diana - A Celebration runs from September 29 to May next year,almost 2000 people have already booked to see it, for more information on the gown at the Powerhouse go to www.smh.com.au


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