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It is interesting to finally know the fate of the Yusupov dacha in Tsarskoe Selo. This article of December 2006 recaps the various restorations/changes that will be happening for the 2010 anniversary and states that the dacha has been restored by VEFK as a hotel:

Кроме отеля на 17-18 номеров, открытого Восточно-Европейской финансовой корпорацией (ВЕФК) на бывшей даче княгини Юсуповой в Отдельном парке, в планах инвесторов еще как минимум два гостинично-развлекательных комплекса.


Joanna, thank you for posting this interesting article.  I am very glad that this dacha was saved and restored. 

Maybe you can stay there on your visit this year?  At least you can visit and maybe take photographs.....

Everything you post on the AP is of great interest and I want to thank you.


Arleen, I have been trying to search using various terms for more information on the hotel but I am at a loss without knowing the actual name of the hotel. I did find where it was to open at the end of summer 2006 but whether it has or is delayed I do not know. For sure I will go to see when staying in Tsarskoe Selo! In 2006, high fences surrounded the property and was impossible to photograph except for the cottage on the avenue. Along with seeing the interior and taking photographs, I am hoping a booklet of the history of the dacha is available. Or if not, I will suggest the idea to publishers I will be meeting in StP!


Olga from St.P.:




Is dacha  the same as Villa


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