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Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna, discussion and pictures Part 1

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SOmething has always baffled me. Why did Xenia get a cushy Grace and Favor mansion on the grounds of Windsor while Olga was left to her own> I know Olga was something of an individualist, but it seems pretty heartless of the British royal family to let her spend her dying days in a crummy apartment above a Toronto barbershop. She must have offended someone somewhere!

The short answer is that Olga married a commoner and was treated a bit more poorly than her sister Xenia. There were other reasons, of course. Olga had a husband with whom she was living - Xenia was separated from Sandro by the time they went into exile. Olga had two young sons - Xenia's children were grown. I could go on. Point is, they were at different points of their lives when the Revolution came, so the differences in their lives afterwards is not so strange.

In terms of where Olga died, she was not as destitute as the description sounds. Both sisters had modest means in exile, but they were hardly poor.

After the revolution, the Empress and Xenia's family made their way to England. Xenia chose to stay in England with her children and was granted a grace and favour house from the English Royal family. Xenia's husband, moved to Paris.

Olga and her family eventually made their way to Denmark after the revolution and stayed with the Empress who moved back to her homeland. After the Empress passed away, Olga raised her family in Denmark and it was after WWII, and the rise of the Soviet Union, through Europe, that Olga and her family made the decision to move to Canada.

Olga was still very much respected by the other royal families and was visited in Canada by the Duchess of Kent and was invited to visit Queen Elizabeth when she paid a visit to Toronto in the late 1950's.


Kirsten blæsborg:
As Im from Denmark where Olga, grand duchess, lived for some years before the family went to Canada Ive been to her home not far from where I live.
Its some years ago, but Im willing to go there again if anybody has some questions about her.
Her previous home is a small farmhouse which is now turned into a museum containing private stuff and some paintings.
Anybody who want me to find out anything??
Kirsten Blæsborg


Yes, it would be great to know whether Olga possessed some items given her by Tsarina Alix - signed photos, Faberge things or such.

Would be too kind if you could look!


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