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Re: The Battenbergs - discussion, pictures
« Reply #345 on: December 30, 2015, 05:45:26 AM »
I found this picture of an unidentified lady in royal collection...It has been previously identified as Lady Randolph Churchill,but to me it doesn't look very much like her...

Could this picture maybe,just maybe represent an idealistic portrait of Anna von Battenberg,nee Montenegro?

Anna was sister in law of Princess Beatrice of Great Britain,so it wouldn't be unusual that her portrait could be found somewhere regarding this royal connection.
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Re: The Battenbergs - discussion, pictures
« Reply #346 on: November 15, 2017, 12:11:06 PM »
I had read "the four graces " again and here I have found a nice situation about Victoria &Louis.

After Louis asked Victoria to be his wife, she agreed of course she was in love. QV  was happy too but I think she didn't like that Louis visitit Victoria to often before her wedding.

Like here " Louis obviously  noticed the Queens distaste for courting, and mentioned that he was only allowed to see Victoria "by stealth, as she did not approve of engaged couples spooning Victoria wrote to QV " I hope you were not vexed at Louis Guttenberg having once or twice come to see me " she was indeed vexed.

Of course QV was worried but Victoria was not a teenager anymore. I mean Louis came to Victoria to talk...or to kiss...but I think Victoria and Louis were old enough to have time alone before the wedding.

I think it's even romantic if he spooning to come to Victoria.

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Re: The Battenbergs - discussion, pictures
« Reply #347 on: December 02, 2017, 11:02:33 PM »
It might be the wrong thread to bring up the subject, but does The Four Graces dive much into the relationship between the sisters? I know that Ilana is specifically interested in Victoria and I believe I heard somewhere that out of all the sisters, the book focuses the most on her. But I was wondering if the book gives much of an insight into the relationship between all four of the Hessian sisters (beyond just Ella and Alix's differentiating views about Rasputin and how their relationship allegedly "spiraled downwards" towards the end) and the discovery and reactions of Victoria and Irene of their sisters' deaths?