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Room 36 "Reserved"
« on: May 16, 2008, 12:54:03 PM »

Sorry to bother but was wondering what room 36 was used for? I see it is marked reserved on the plans which does not say very much.


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Re: Room 36 "Reserved"
« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2016, 11:22:05 AM »
According to the book V.I. Yakovlev "The Alexander P:lace in Detskoye Selo 1927 translated by Stephen R de Angelis: Room 36, The Billiard Room (former Reserve Room)

From this room begin the rooms of "Tsarevich Alexander III. From here and on used to be the apartment of Maria, the daughter of Nicholas I, and a little before that it was her classroom. The walls are covered with plain gray wallpaper in a frame with paneling. The ceiling is decorated with a sculptured rosette, from the center of which descends a four-arm bronze chandelier with lights.