Author Topic: Queen Maria of Romania, Part 2  (Read 177597 times)

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Re: Queen Maria of Romania, Part 2
« Reply #315 on: October 16, 2010, 12:24:29 PM »
She was beautiful more than ever in this photo !!!! Do You know in which year it was taken ? She was very young

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Re: Queen Maria of Romania, Part 2
« Reply #316 on: October 16, 2010, 05:58:44 PM »
Slavona, dont worry its not your fault ;-D!

I ve never guessed it was the same picture i posted  till i saw the  imageshack link which was exactly the same of the picture i posted months ago and two different pictures hosted in different days and different places with the same link its impossible.

I dont care about copyright, hey! even diana Mandache posted that image in her appreciation group of Maria on facebook  and i dont mind, I just wanted to make clear that i wasnt posting not giving credits of where i found it cause i own a copy and costed me  A LOT of money (almost 30  bucks for a  press image...i just did it cause Nicolae appeared there!)

About credits, well... since they re pictures of royals and mostly of them are NOT unique, its hard to give credits to those who "owns"  pictures, cause they only own a copy, not an unique or original image. The best way to  be credited is doing what i used to do  and other member does : Watermark images. I dont expect much credit if i post an scanned image which has LOTS of copies around...


This has come up many times and actually has a thread. A LOT of posters, especially authors do care about copyright even if posters don't. And as mods, we are frequently asked to take down photos that belong to those owners. This is very common with ebay. It's often not hard to determine that a photo came from there--esp if it pops up at the same time it was on sale or soonafter. THAT image belongs not to someone who copies it but who bought it. That's why it should be noted or marked in some way IMO. Otherwise, the owner is perfectly within their rights to ask for it to be removed. If KF doesn't care about her images that's fine and her responsibility. Others do and this shouldn't be cavalierly dismissed. We've lost some GREAT members of this forum because of this issue so I am very sensitive to it.  There's also the case of copyright  law and I don't think anyone wants to see the Forum get in trouble because of their actions. Diana Mandache marks her own  photos as well and is very clear on her website about copyright as is Marlene. They make their living through authorship and photos are key to this. She has also used images of mine I've bought off ebay but I've let it slide as I'm a fan. This applies to all in a general way and not KF. I actually find it interesing to put a mark and watch it make it's what around.

Anything further can be discussed on the appropriate topic.
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