Author Topic: "Kejsaren I Skärgärden"  (Read 2357 times)

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"Kejsaren I Skärgärden"
« on: December 08, 2004, 11:43:17 AM »

I do not know if this book was already discussed here, if it was, sorry!
Has anyone taken a look at the finnish book "Kejsaren I Skärgärden"?
Royalty Digest said it is a wonderful book and I intended to buy it early this year but the bookstore in Helsinki would charge me more for the posting than for the book. They told me it is a most heavily book.
Thanks for any insight

??? :D

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Re: "Kejsaren I Skärgärden"
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2004, 02:44:02 PM »
I think that book is discussed somewhere here, but I can't find the topic either. Anyway, I own the book and it's interesting, although it's not a "family album" type of book like Prince Michael of Greece's "N and A, The family albums", Massie's "The Romanov family album" or Grabbe's "The private world of the last tsar" (those are the other picture books of the IF I own!) I find Tuomi-Nikula's book (Kejsaren i skärgården, or, in finnish, Keisarit kesälomalla Suomessa) interesting mostly because of the stories told in it. Of course, it's even more interesting for us Finns, because of the familiar places. It has a large collection of photograps, drawings etc. Those of the last imperial family are mostly from Anna Vyrubova's collections (Yale university library), so most of them are quite familiar for most of Romanov enthusiasts already. The book begins from the reign and trips of Alexander I, who was the first Russian  ruler of Finland. It tells also about the Finnish holidays of the other Romanov tsars till Nicholas II, with emphasis to the last imperial family (of course, there are more photos available of them as well).
The book is quite thick (246 pages) and heavy. I was lucky to get it from the discount sale of Suomalainen Kirjakauppa (Finnish bookstore) this autumn, it cost only 19,90 euros there, the normal price being 46,00e. It might still be available there.
It's a pity it is not translated in english (I think?), because the main attraction is in the text (at least for me!)