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Commemoration of Anniversary of Birth

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soon it will be the 100th birthday of the tsarevich, i hope people will remember him on that day ;D

I will DEFINANTLY remember!! He is my favorite Romanov and I, too,  hope a lot of people remember him on that day.  :) ;)

 :D  The hundredth anniversary of the Tsesarevich-Martyr's birth is a special day indeed.   On www.alexis-romanov.narod.ru there are a number of materials having to do with that occasion -- I noted the commemorative medals that have been created, a nice emblem, and an official proclamation (all in Russian).  But how I wish the Patriarchate or Sofrino or our Synod would make little icons (to wear on a chain) of St. Alexei in honor of his birthday!   I suspect very few people would be awarded medals.

I almost suspect that his hundredth NAME-DAY (October 5th/18th) is going to be a big occasion too.  Ypa! Ypa! Ypa!

A couple of links:

First to see the medals, here is:  


It begins with the medal I like the best of the five, the one most like an icon.  I still wish there were little neck-icons, though, which I don't think there are going to be unless someone else makes them.  

Even last year for the Tsesarevich's 99th birthday an Orthodox service was held at Peterhof (where the Alexei statue is).  The St. Petersburg Times-Online ran a picture from the observance:


What a truly wonderful occasion to celebrate. This is my first post here, today I just discovered this place, I'm so happy a lot of people like Aleksey as much as I do hehe. I have a special wallpaper I have made ages ago, I plan on making another very special one just for this occasion, with text that says something about the 100th birthday.

Such a sweet child. Happy birthday, dear! hehe I'm sure he's be watching over all of us.


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