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King George I & Queen Olga (nee Romanov) of Greece Part 1

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I was wondering, did King George I, when he was elected as king of the Hellenes, convert to Greek Orthodoxy, or did he remain a Lutheran? (I think he was raised a Lutheran in Denmark?)

carl fraley:
King George remained a lutheran.  The Constitution stated that his heir had to be raised an Orthodox Christian but HM the King remained a Lutheran

I believe that's one of the reasons he sought out a Russian bride, for the Orthodox religion.

As the previous posters already stated, King George remained a Lutheran, but paid respect to the Orthodox religion, such as kissing the icons and attending services.
He had a private lutheran chapel in the palace to which he attended his own services, and would discretely retreat to Corfu during the Orthodox Easter services so as not to visibly show that he was not a member of the Orthodox Church.


Indeed ! He also have a dairy in his villa in Corfu. George I remained at heart a Dane, that is why he kept his bags packed expecting to go home one day.  ;)


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