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Aleksei Photos III

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Ally Kumari:

Source:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/99377981@N03/

Always excited to see new photos from an old session!

Ally Kumari:
Courtesy of Royal Collection. Both are new to me.

reply 27 and 28 photos look like the may 1916 Sevastopol visit

reply 444 picture with the seaplane it look like the may 1916 Sevastopol visit where the whole IF except Alexandra visited a seaplane base. If I could get  a better view of the seaplane I might be able to ID it

replys 160 and 201 In reading the book "Alexei the Last Imperial Heir" I believe it mentions a photo taken where Alexei lounges around like one of the guards with a fake cigarette in his mouth

 Any pictures with airplanes or ships in them post them and I might be able to ID them

Ally Kumari:
Alexei in 1906 (shared by TatianaZ on Flickr)


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