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Aleksei Photos III

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more Alexei pics:
Archive.org has the book "With the Russian Armies 1914-1917" Alfred Knox Volume 2 page 401 is a picture Alexei, his father and others. I think it was taken in the October-November 1915 period not he Spring of 1916 General Ivanov who is in the picture was fired in march 1916.

The US Navy History and heritage command has a few pictures of Nicholas and Alexei go to the photo section and type in Tsar Nicholas II and:
NH100134 12 may 1916 Nicholas II and Alexei visiting the battleship Imperatritsa Maria at Sevastopol

NH100162 14 may 1916 Nicholas II and Alexei visiting the seaplane base at Kruge Bay Sevastopol OTMA were there as well

Newly discovered photographs!

Alexei, Maria and I believe Nagorny?

A photograph we all know of Nicholas, Tatiana, Alexei and one of their cousins but much more clearer.

Alexei and three of his cousins.

Another clearer version of a well known photo.

You can view them and a few extra ones on the Guardians website, or just type in 'Romanovs' in Google and go to the news section.


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