Author Topic: Anniversary of Maria's birthday -- post memorial messages & tributes here!  (Read 155224 times)

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Oh, let me subscribe to this Baby_Tsarevich!


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what do you mean? (sorry my english is not perfect)


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Oh, I just mean that those words could be mine :) I feel exactly the same about Maria.

Ps. My English is not perfect either ;D


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ooo ok, lol ;)

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I can't believe there isn't a birthday thread for Maria yet! It's her 107th.

Happy birthday Maria!


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Remember Marie on this day of June 14th/June 27th, 1899, for her 107th birthday.

Marie Nikolaevna Romanova, Grand Duchess of Russia, also a saint, may she forever R.I.P. Happy birthday! Remember this sweet, wonderful soul, who died only young and shall never be forgotten. Keep her in your hearts. Ever is she missed. :'( +



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Happy Birthday Maria - it's your special day, enjoy it! Lots of love from everyone at the AP Forum  :)  
Your an angel [smiley=engel017.gif] Maria, you were so sweet, lovable, kind and giving.
Rest In Peace from your best friend,

Em  :-*


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My Dear Mashka,
Happy Birthday!
I Never forgot you  :)


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Sweet darling Mashka, a happy, happy birthday to you!
Here's a poem for you, I wrote it a couple of weeks ago for your sister Tatiana, and while I can't think of a new one, it's all yours today..

Mashka can't be with us,
on this, her special day..
She isn't here with us,
but her heart is, and it will stay.

If our love can reach you there,
each of us will let you know,
we wish you a happy birthday Mashka,
107 years..So long ago..

I'll never forget you.. :-*

Btw, it's my boyfriend's birthday too..Two of the sweetest people ever, are born at June 27th, it must be a lucky day! ;) Happy birthday both :-*
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Hi Mashka, a very happy 107th birthday.......... :'( :'( :)


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 :'( :'( :'( :'(

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Happy 107th birthday my dear Mashka! "The Angel of the Best of Us."
I hope this birthday is a nice one. No one will ever forget you, including me!
Lots of love,
"Господь им дал дар по молитвам их размягчать окаменелые наши сердца за их страдания..Мне думается, что если люди будут молиться Царской Cемье, оттают сердца с Божией помощью." -- Coming Soon.

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Happy birthday, dear Mashka.


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Happy birthday Maria Nicholaievna Romanova
May your rest in peace

Happy birthday to a special friend!
Although I haven't known you many years,
Perhaps because you've dried so many tears,
Pleasure reigns as I these greetings send.
Your happiness should last till all things end!
Because you've been so sweet and understanding--
In toughest times you've made me laugh and smile--
Rejoice in your own specialness awhile:
This I'm not requesting but demanding!
How else to make yourself the celebration,
Doing what does not come naturally?
Always your concern has been for me,
Yet now you must endure my adoration!

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The wings have grown. Say "happy birthday" to your boyfriend from me, Tessel. Those are great poems and collages everyone!

Happy birthday, dearest Mashka