Author Topic: Royal Inquest: forensic science examination of the remains of the Romanovs  (Read 3291 times)

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Greeting to you all ! I was scanning the weeks t.v. schedule and noticed of couple of programs that may be interesting. The I.D. Network "Royal Inquest" series is presenting a program concerning the forensic science examination of the remains of the Romanovs. It is set to broadcast Friday May 15th at Pacific Time in the US. It looks like it will be repeated several times throughout the week. Also, on Ovation Network is a biography of bass Feodor Chaliapin and his influence on opera. I'm not a big opera fan ;D but these are interesting to me that takes place during N&A time period. It is on Friday May 15th at 7am Pacific time and also is repeated throughout the week. Cheers !!
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Thanks, Tyumen,  sounds good.  And Chaliapin was quite a character!  He is mentioned in the book "A Lifelong Passion."  During a 1913 performance of Boris Godunov, Chaliapin knelt down in front of the royal box (with the cast) when the orchestra and audience struck up 'God Save the Tsar.' As this was not part of the opera, Nicholas was confused and remained slightly in the shadows of the box, but his mother pushed him forward with her knees to acknowledge the gesture.  Kostya wrote about this in his diary.  I love that story as it  illustrates the sincerity of Nicholas' humble attitude toward his rank.  Also interesting because Chaliapin was no fan of monarchy.

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REMINDER: The Royal Inquest program about the Romanovs will be broadcast tonight, May 15 at 10 pm E.S.T.


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I guess the East coast isn't getting it.  It says it is on now, but I am getting the "In the Belly of the Beast" which is a show about big trucks.
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On the east coast - it's on now on the ID Network...