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Paleologos of Monferrato
« on: May 25, 2009, 04:57:44 PM »
Hello everybody in the forum; I am Cepatri, from Italy and I am new in the forum; I am interested in the Italian branch of the Paleologos, marquesses of Monferrato: does anybody know if there is a still-living (illegitimate) branch? Is there in the forum anyone else interested in this family? Bye and thank you for the attention

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Re: Paleologos of Monferrato
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2009, 11:16:54 AM »
The last member of the family  Giovan Giorgio, later coadjutor Bishop of Casale,abandoned Holy Orders  to marry  Giulia of Aragon, daughter of  King Frederick of Naples, but had no issue by her. He was the last of the male line.

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Re: Paleologos of Monferrato
« Reply #2 on: June 15, 2009, 01:54:32 AM »

This site is probably the most in-depth on the Palaeologi of Montferrat:,%20SALUZZO,%20SAVONA.htm

Here is what is written:

FLAMINIO Paleologo, illegitimate son of GIAN GIORGIO SEBASTIANO Marchese di Monferrato & his mistress --- (-24 May 1571).  Signor di San Giorgio e Caluso 1532.  He served in the Spanish army.  Governor of Casale and Senator 1559.  He claimed the throne of Monferrato in 1568 and was imprisoned.

m LUCIA Fanzini, daughter of SIGISMONDO Fanzini, from Mantua [Governor of Casale 1539] & his wife ---.

Flaminio & his wife had eight children:

1.         GIOVANNI (-1540, bur Monteu).

2.         LAURA .  m (before 11 Jul 1589) ---.

3.         MARGHERITA .  m (before 11 Jul 1589) [---, son of TEODORO Scazzoso].

4.         TEODORO .  He was ambassador of Ercole Gonzaga in 1536.  Knight of the Order of Malta.  He was at Novi in 1568, but fled to Spain[245].

5.         FLAMINIO .  He was ancestor of the family PALEOLOGHI-ORIUNDI[246].

6.         ISABELLA (-before 11 Jul 1589).

7.         ELEONORA (-before 11 Jul 1589).

8.         FERDINANDO .  He served the Gonzaga family[247].  m ---.  The name of Ferdinando's wife is not known.  Ferdinando & his wife had one child:

   a)         BERNARDINO (-before 1630).  m ---.  The name of Bernardino's wife is not known.  Bernardino & his wife had one child:

        i)          BONIFAZIO ([1583/84]-2 Dec 1630).  m ---.  The name of Bonifazio's wife is not known.  Bonifazio & his wife had one child:

           (a)       BONIFAZIO .  1679.  He was court surgeon at Casale[248].  m ---, daughter of GIAMBATTISTA Bobina & his wife ---.  Bonifazio & his wife had one child:

               (1)       GIAMBATTISTA Paleologo .  1687.  He was court surgeon at Casale[249].  Ancestor of SILVIO, who lived around 1900[250].

And then there's this:

Some actual genealogical discussion, but some 'fantasy' stuff as well.

Anyway, it seems that some chap named 'Silvio' (he's mentioned on the other site, and lived c. 1900) was the last member of this line.

Whether any of it is true or not is beyond me (because I haven't researched it properly), but it seems pretty harmless (because unlike a whole bunch of these fraudulent Byzantine claimants, the most recent descendant is long dead).

Hope that helps,
The Prussian