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Rasputin's Murder

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Rasputin's murder was very gruesome and strange.  First he was poisoned and he did not die and then he was shot several times but he was still alive and then finally he was thrown in a  freezing river.  His cause of death was drowning.  That means he survived the poison and bullets.  I mean what was he, was he human or something evil.

Is it true that the british secret service MI6 played a role in the murder?
I heard it recently on a Discovery channel/BBC tv documentary...

It is possible because Rasputin was a clear danger and they could have been involved.  I am not sure about what benefit they will get out of it.

Did this come from declassified files? This is the first I've heard of this.

Given the events prior to and during the civil war, you could see that there would be quite a few different hands in many different cookie jars.

Theresa DeMeo:
Hello, in Edvard Raszinsky's excellent book "The Last Tsar", the author posits that one of the assassins lost his nerve at the crucial moment and could not bring himself to poison the cakes and wine that were offered to Rasputin to eat.  (This doesn't explain the seeming immunity to the gunshots though.)  I highly recommend reading "The Last Tsar".


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