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FA (Rob) Rudy

Rob I agree I will deconstruct what he says in more detail. Radzinsky and Andrew Cook use his alleged police report as a basis of fact.  To be fair to him he got the alleged police report on 31 December not 30th as I suggested above. Vlasuk is the key to the deconstruction and if all this did happen (the actions described in the polcie report) how come Vlasuk did not see it or hear it.

Rudy yes it is Vlasuk (the English spelling)

Will post more later.


Richard et al

I've been reading through the posts and two things strike me.

Richard - you identified Rasputin as wearing shoes in the photograph of the corpse on the ice.   How was this possible?   Beneath his galoshes, he was wearing Russian high boots of fine polished leather.

As regards the presence of women in the Yusupov Palace, 'Vlasuk', (can we decide which spelling of his name, it can be confusing even for people with a little knowledge of the case) in his deposition, reported a single shot at around 4.00a.m. followed by, what he detected as the muffled scream of a woman, before the final salvo of three shots in rapid succession.   Might this indicate the presence of female guests in the Palace?


Paleologue, who undoubtedly has left the most colourful account of life on the perimeter of the Imperial Court, was known as the biggest gossip in Petrograd.   He hoovered up information only to regurgitate it.   After it passed the Paleologue filter.  

This is evidenced from his account of the murder in at least one minor point.   He described Rasputin's clothing as including a waistband of black satin and gold which, he says, was made for him by the Empress.  

The clothes as described by Maria and others comprised a white silk Russian shirt, embroidered with blue cornflowers - made and presented to him by the Empress - baggy black velvet trousers, tucked into knee-high boots and a thick rope of raspberry cord round his waist.



--- Quote ---Did Felix actually admit guilt before the revolution and exile ? That is, before the publication of his book. If he did, I would think he would have invited a search to verify his story.  Then again, what would his reason be for admiting a crime- especially murder, that he may not have comitted ?
You have certainly re-awakened my interest in the story !
--- End quote ---

He denied it while he felt Alexandra wanted to have him shot. I think he first openly admitted it in the Crimea. He  said he was asked to tell the tale to people on the HMS Marlborough.

I think the word 'shoes' is just a mistranslation and the word can be replaced with 'boots'. Also, I think, I read somewhere that he was wearing dark blue velvet trousers, but either that's wrong or the color was so dark as to be seen as black especially when in low light situations, and certainly when wet.
The question arises, would you wear galsohes over boots? Probably, if the boots were expensive and worn as 'dress boots'. Most agreed that Rasputin was dressed in his best which means he was trying to make an impression on someone.


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