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Felix's description of Rasputin's clothes is almost identical to Maria's, meaning either they both remembered exactly the same, or perhaps Maria copied it from Lost Splendour:

From Lost Splendour, chapter 23:

Rasputin wore a silk blouse embroidered with cornflowers, with a thick raspberry colored cord belt. His velvet breeches and highly polished boots seemed brand new. He had brushed his hair and carefully combed his beard. As he came close to me, I smelled a strong odor of cheap soap which indicated that he had taken pains with his appearance. I had never seen him look so clean and tidy.

However, Felix and Maria differ on Felix's clothes that night. Felix stated he was in his Corps De Pages uniform, Maria described him as being in elegant evening clothes with a long overcoat.

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Lets all use Vlasuk as the spelling (its easier I think).

I think all the accounts concur that R was wearing knee high polished leather boots. They would easily fit into galoshes or "snow shoes" (which is an untranslated quote from Spiridovitch) I remember needing such foot apparel when I went to Russia in the 1970s, and while I had an expensive pair of american "apres ski" shoes, I found an inexpensive pair of russian boots designed to easily fit over your "indoor" footwear, making it easier to go in and out.  There is no doubt in my mind that R. had on his best pair of boots to go meet Irina, and put on "snow shoes" or a sort of galoshes OVER them to keep them clean.

Lets not forget that R. believed he was going to meet Priness Irina in her own home, and even R. would have dressed very well for such an occassion out of respect for her.


You are quite correct the shoes were boots.  however i disagree with the fact that Yusupov only admitted guilt when he was in the Crimea - he by his own admission had told individuals about what had happened almost straight after the murder.  Felix was a strange man, in many ways, but let us face it without Rasputin he would have been a bit of a rather uninspiring, unspectacular, rich boy.

I will post the detail of Vlasuk shortly.  It is Efimov the constable on duty in Morskaya Street who reports 'a low scream, as if it was a woman's'  But he doesn't say it WAS a woman's scream.

FA (Rob) Of course the problem is we believe the story that R was only going to the Y Palace because Irina was going to be there.  We have no independent evidence of this, the letters between Felix and Irina hint at somehting but there is nothing saying 'I want you here beacuse you are the lure for Rasputin'  I think this is the problem we all have, is anything, other than that which we have evidence to support, the truth or is it part of the conspiratoral story created by Y and P?  I don't know the answer.


Richard - Sorry, I got the names of the two policeman mixed up (hence the value of deciding on spelling).

Indeed, he describe it as sounding like a woman's scream.   He did not definitively state it was female.   I have seen other references to women being present at the Yusupov Palace.  I will try to establish where.

Additionally, what about the sons of 'Sandro' - Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich?   Is there evidence their support their presence?


Felix's palace certainly had female servants. So perhaps the female  voices were from staff and not "guests" ?


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