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--- Quote ---My Commentary on the Kossorotov Post Mortem and the Zharov, Panov and Vasilevskiy Report

The gentiles were crushed with the same weapon.  This is indicative of a sexual/revenge attack.

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Do we then have two different motivations for Rasputin’s murder? Is this what the evidence suggests? We  have the testimony from Felix, Pureshkevich etc which says that the motivation for Rasputin’s murder was to preserve the integrity of the Romanov Dynasty which had been damaged by  association with Rasputin.
Yet, the autopsy evidence suggests that the damage inflicted to Rasputin’s genitals had a sexual/revenge motive. Doesn’t this then suggest that there was something else (as opposed to the stated motive of removing a perceived threat to the monarchy) going on in the heads of at least one of the assassins?

Why do you think  the assassin (s) would  feel the need to attack Rasputin’s body in this manner?


--- Quote ---
Why do you think  the assassin (s) would  feel the need to attack Rasputin’s body in this manner?

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Just a thought, but it seems to me that they were giving vent to their indignation over the licentious manner in which Rasputin had behaved among the upper class. He degraded them (even though they willingly participated) as well as contributed to the decline of the dynasty and simplyl killing him did not give enough personal satisfaction.

If they killed Rasputin for purely social reasons, then they killed him because he was a peasant and had more power than a peasant should have, in their eyes. The upper classes were getting away with more licentious behavior than Rasputin ever dreamt of, but they were entitled to it, apparently. I'm thinking of Yusopov's propensity to dress like a woman and pick up men.

Those seem to me pretty shallow justifcations for a calculated murder. Not saying they are incorrect, just that I would think that there must have been a more political purpose. If it were just a "society" murder, why go through all the subtrefuge ?  Just hire it done and be over with it.
I am sure, even with his connections to the IF, that he could have "dissapeared" convienently with no fanfare.


I think there could be many reasons for why he was killed and many people had different motivations for wanting him dead, war, his influence, possibly sexual inferences.

Equally we don't know who was PRESENT when he was killed, I am not talking about the actually murderers but other 'witnesses' - watchers if you like.

I was concerned when I saw that his testicles had been crushed and consulted a friend and work colleague of mine who is a well respected Professor of Forensic Psychology.  he was of the view that such injuries would tend to show a pseudo sexual motive.

Equally I have seen and studies cases where damage has been called to sexual organs as a way of cusing intense pain (obviously) and on the other hand demeaning an individual.

So it is quite open.  I think the higher level motives prompted the murder, but some of the lower level motivations may have come into play.



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