Author Topic: Where were the villas (summer houses) moved to in times of the Revolution?  (Read 2408 times)

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What happened to the villas (summer houses) of some people as the villas were moved somewhere? Where were they moved to? Is there any pictures of such houses?

I have heard about a family that digged a lot of their valuable things in the grounds outside and around their house, that was moved later somewhere. Could it be possible to go there and start to digg the ground around the house? The father of the family even digged the tyres of his car into the ground so that "those who came" couldn't just take his car and start to use it.

And what happened to the cars - where they just started to be used? The family I have heard of had maybe a car called Dux (or do I remember wrong now) with white leather car furniture.

Is there any old private train wagons somewhere in Russia that could be seen? Or old cars from those times?

Can somebody tell more about things like these?   


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there are a number of the private rail carriages in museums.