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Whereabouts on 3 June 1916
« on: June 24, 2011, 11:39:01 AM »
Can anyone provide me with information concerning a meeting between the Tsarina and General Brusilov on 3 June 1916 on the eve of his famous offensive?
It is cited in Dr. W. Bruce Lincoln's Passage through Armageddon on page 247, final paragraph.
I thank you in advance for any assistance. You can reach me at
Michael Mahoney

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Re: Whereabouts on 3 June 1916
« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2011, 12:49:56 PM »
I believe there may be a mention of it in Alexandra's letters to Nicholas, "Letters of the Tsaritsa to the Tsar: 1914 - 1916"
Author   Alexandra Feodorovna
Publisher   R.M. McBridge & Comp, 1924

or in her diaries. I can't put my hand on either just now, but I believe they are the source.

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Re: Whereabouts on 3 June 1916
« Reply #2 on: June 24, 2011, 01:18:54 PM »
I've grabbed the following from the publication: "Letters of Empress Alexandra Feodorovna to Emperor Nicholas II: Book II"
Publication - 1922,
Publisher -  Книгоиздательство слова берлинъ (Book Publishing Word/Speech - Berlin)

No. 276.
Tsarskoje Selo, June 3-rd 1916
My Sweetheart,
Please, change the N. in my yesterday's letter, I made a mistake, it ought to have been 507 only. — Fine & sunny & then suddenly clouds. — Spent the evening quietly. Ania sat with me, showed photos, & read to me, the children were in the hospital. She proposed to me to go, but I said I was tired from town & wld. remain quietly with her. — Had a long letter fr. Irene, Gretchen, Anna Rantzau. My poor Friend Toni's boy has been killed at the war (only 19, my godchild, went in 1914 already as freiwilliger) — was an excellent officer it seems already & received the iron cross — too sad for words, she adored the boy. — Aunt Beatrice also wrote & sends you her love — she imagines I am at Livadia, resting. —

Now I must get up & dress for the hospital.
I send you & Baby my photos, I took. The water is fr. the black sea, Ania had it filled for you & Baby & sends it with much love — the goodies are also for you from her. — Please if you settle any thing about Miechen, have it written to Senator Witte or Sturmer, as it concerns the supreme Council & I feel she intends making a mess in going to you behind my back — a revenge wh. is ugly.

I had just Professor Rein & a long talk — I have told him to ask Sturmer to receive him, to explain all, because really his work ought to be begun as you said, & Alek said you said all was to put off. — Would you let him come to you some day, as when you are here you have yet less time. — Pouring cats & dogs. — Such warm thanks for sweetest letter. How charming the photos are, I have kept one. Goodbye, my Angel Love, God bless you.
I love & kiss you without end.
Yr. very, very Own.

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Re: Whereabouts on 3 June 1916
« Reply #3 on: June 25, 2011, 12:45:31 PM »
For interests sake, here are the letters sent on earlier dates (should the old/new style calendars have been confused)

No. 261.
Tsarskoje Selo, May 19-th 19 16
My own Beloved,
Ever such tender thanks for yr. dear sweet words on the card. Bless you, my Treasure. I miss you 2 quite awfully, therefore am glad to be in our hospital instead of at home. Well, yesterday Vespers in the hospital itself 1/2 an hour, & then sat & talked with all. Spent the evening quietly working.
This morning 9 1/2 to the hospital Church & then to our wounded. Korangozov turned up, Anushevitch, Yedigarov — last moment, so have invited him to dinner — leaves to-morrow & came only so as to see us, such a dear — we were all shy & silent, meeting after 15 months, — here it will be better. — After luncheon went to Te Deum & cup of chocolate to my lancers' hospital. All the ladies were there, Baranov, Trubnikov & one or 2 old ones, but not one active one, all are in the regiment.
Then to Lianosov hospital to see Silaiev; have told him by your order to go to Sebastopol for a cure at the Rom. Institute, 2-3 weeks; he wanted to return to the regiment, wh. I told him, was absolute folly — so by yr. order he will go in a few days.
Its quite essential I find 1° of frost in the night — sunny & cold — small oakleaves, lilacs not thinking of coming out.
Must quickly send this off, else the man wont catch the train.
Blessings & tenderest kisses, sweet Angel,
fr. yr. very own little Wify.

Tenderly I clasp you to my breast with endless love. —

No. 262.
Tsarskoje Selo, May 20 19 16
My own Beloved,
Ever such tender thanks for yr. dear card I received upon my return from the hospital. I do wish it wld. get really warm at the Headquarters — to-day its better.
I have a long report with Rostovtzev & then Shvedov, so fear I shall again not have time to go out. I placed a candle for you my Sweetheart at Znamenia, Yedlgarov was very dear, kept him for 2 hours & he told us a lot of interesting things. Dear me, how difficult & hard it is for them in that terrible heat, & the wretched horses suffer awfully & never any rest.
We bid him goodbye this morning at the hospital, Raftopolo & Shah Bagov also were there; — I photographed them all. — I send you 3 photos.
I took in April when you were here. Its so nice being with them all & I feel the loneliness less than here in my rooms. —
Botkin was an hour with me & has still not yet finished all about Livadia & Yalta hospitals, to-morrow morning he will continue his report.
Irina lunched with us. —
How do you spend your evenings ? Always reading, poor wee One ? But Tiny must be a consolation & bring life into your solitude, I am sure.
Happily I keep alright, so can get about more, this fresh weather keeps me up. — Sweetest of Sweets, dearly beloved One, I cover you with tender, burning kisses.
od bless & protect you & help you in all your undertakings.
Ever yr. very

The girlies all kiss you very fondly; — they have gone out driving with
Irina. Bow to Igor fr. me; — speak to him about his sister Tatiana. —

No. 263.
Tsarskoje Selo, May 21-st 1916
Sweetheart beloved,
I cover you with kisses & thank endlessly for precious letter. Yes, Lovy, its true what you say — when apart one doubly realises that one has not sufficiently appreciated the many marks of love, wh. one has taken as natural & usual. Now every caress is a double treat & terribly longed for when not to be had. —
I send you & Baby each a pansy.
Dear, can you give the enclosed paper over to Frederiksy — poor Mlle Petersen has really nothing to live upon — her old Aunt left her 50.000 — that means 2000 a year for lodging, food & clothes — if she could have got 2000 yearly fr. you, Katia Ozerov says it
would be a Godsend.
Can you have it done as an exception — they did behave too badly sending her off without a penny & nowhere to live — life so expensive now.
— What is the news about the English naval battle — awfully anxious to know whether Georgi was out too on the New Zealand & wh. English ships were sunk. —
Maries & Babys trains have been sent for to Pskov. Olga says she has much work now, many wounded again.
Sorry, you have again such a lot to do. —
Were in hospital — operation.
Zizi lunched, now Mekk comes with report; — so must end. —
Blessings & very tenderest kisses, sweet Angel, fr. yr. very, very.

No. 264.
Tsarskoje Selo, May 22-d. 1916
My own Sweetheart,
From all my loving heart I send you thanks for yr. beloved letter —  how I love all you write! Me too longs for Huzy's fond caresses and soft, warm kisses ! —
Its warm, grey and trying to rain. We were in Church, then Isa and Nastinka lunched. After my letter we go to the big palace and at 2 to the Cross Procession i. e. to the Te Deum; one has brought the miraculous Image of St. Nicolas fr. Kolpino. — Yesterday we spent the evening cosily in the hospital. The big girls cleaned instruments with the help of Shah Bagov and Raftopolo, the little ones chattered till 10. — I sat working and later made puzzles — alltogether forgot the time and sat till 12, the Pss. G. also busy
with puzzle. — Its more cosy than at home now. — I am sorry to bother you again with a letter fr. Mme Sukhomlinova. — The other paper is fr. one of the wounded who returns to the war, but is anxious to know about his decoration. —
Silaiev leaves to-day. We took chocolate with them yesterday — his brother and wife (hideous) too, Shah Bagov and Raftopolo too. — Shuvaiev comes after — Betsy Sh, —
Always heaps to do. —
Heart bleeds to think of all the losses at sea — all those lives done for
— oh such a tragedy! —
Now must end. Goodbye, my one and all.
Blessing and kisses without end, Nicky mine fr. yr. very, very own

One says Kitchener comes the 28-th here or to the Headquarters.

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Re: Whereabouts on 3 June 1916
« Reply #4 on: June 26, 2011, 12:30:16 PM »
But, no mention of a meeting with General Brusilov.....