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There is also on Vaida's Ebay a postcard of the train station of Krasnoye Selo c 1916 which I have never seen. There are many photographs in different books of Nicholas attending the manuveurs at Krasnoye Selo and reference to the villa that was built for the Imperial family's use when attending the manuveurs. I understand Krasnoye Selo is now a research and institute town but has anyone visited there? Is the train station still extent? Did the Imperial buildings survive? Are there any photographs of the Imperial villa and interiors?


Hello Joanna!

I´ve never been in Krasnoe but a russian historian told me there was nothing left to see after the wwii...

Has anyone been to Krasnoie Selo?  If so, is there anything of an "Imperial" nature left to see?

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It is properly spelled "Krasnoie Selo".  

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No he changed the post after what I said.


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