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Does anyone have a photo of this palace belonging to Grand Duke Peter??  Does it still exist today?  If so, what is it's use?  This was the palace where part of the Romanov family was held by the Soviets, before their escape.

Hello Reed,
This palace is now a sanatorium. The facade and garden are well preserved, but i do not know anything about the interiors.

Thanks Antonio,

Any pictures available?

I have a picture of it in Once A Grand Duchess.  very Arabian looking.

I did a fairly lengthy article a couple of years back on Dulber for "Atlantis," so can add that uniquely almost all of the rooms have been preserved.  The only real changes inside seem to have been made to some of the upper rooms in the southern, or family, wing.  The main rooms on the first floor have retained almost all of their original decoration, despite its use as a recovery hospital.

Dulber's a very personal house, and a pure reflection of the artistic tastes of Peter Nikolaievich and Militsa, both of whom worked very closely with Krasnov; Militsa even designed much of the interior decoration herself, drawing on her studies of Persian architecture.  Krasnov seems to have felt it to be his best Crimean house-he spent a lot of time there with the Grand Duke and Duchess even after it was completed.

Greg King


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