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The Amber Room of the Catherine Palace

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Has anyone seen the Amber Room after it was restored?

Also, I read somewhere about the small Hermitage villa (not the museum) which Catherine built for personal use and where the dining table for 20 -30 people would dissappear at the end of dinner... Does the mechanism of the table or plates still exist?


I visited the Amber Room before the restoration was done.  I contributed funds and would love to see it now!

Greg D:
Hi Neva,
I visited the amber room just after it was completed in July 2003.
It was an amazing sight ! though quite small in comparison with the other Catherine halls, and when filled with tourists !!
The panels have a lovely golden hue to them and it is hard to believe they are all made of amber.

I really envy Antonio when he says ha had a guided tour from the curators... I would love to see/know about the restoration of Catherine 5th Apartments (lyons Hall, Silver study and Bedroom etc), and when they may be open ??

If I can figure out how, I will try and post some photos I took of the amber room... they came out quite well !

Best Wishes  to all other Tsarskoe fanatics ;D :D

NEVA....the small palace you are referring to is the SMALL HERMITAGE (or Marly) I am not sure which and was built by Peter teh Great. The Table was lowered so that the servants would not interfere with the meal by serving. As Far as I am aware the mechanism has been removed but the kitchen and dining room still exist. You can find more info at www.peterhof.org

Actually, I think Neva is referring to the Hermitage at Tsarskoye Selo.  The building, designed and constructed by Savva Chevakinsky and later renovated by Rastrelli, is still there-I've seen a few pre-WW2 photos of the interior when it looked as if the mechanism for lowering the table was still there, but am not sure what the condition is now of the interior-last time I was there it was closed.

Greg King


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