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Hi Oleg,

In "Tsarskoe Selo Watercolors, paintings and engravings from the XVIIIth and XIXth centuries"; Text by I.P. Sautov; Editorial Director Emmanuel Ducamp; Alainc de Gourcuff Editeur; 1992, the artists are P.F. Borel c1892, A.A. Sergeiev, P. Uchitelev, A.Y. Martynov c1810, J.J. Meier c1845, L. Premazzi c1889, V.S. Sadovnikov c1850, E.P. Hau c1850, A.K. Kolb c1865, K.A. Ukhtomsky c1840, P. de Steinmuller c1860, F. Feichel c1858, I.P. Volsky c1857.


There are a host of watercolors posted onm the Hermitage website but these mostly show the Winter Palace but there are a choice few fo the Catheirne Palace and of some of the estates of the nobility. They are gorgeous as an interesting footnote the Hermitage has used Hahn's warercolours of some of the galleries that existed in romanov times to show some of the Master's paintings that were once in the Hermitage but are no more. Most sold by the Bolsheviks in the 20's and 30's or lost.


Reading this forum lately, I’ve noticed that people have been referencing a lot of books on the Imperial Palaces.  I personally am a huge bibliophile and am always looking to improve my library.  To that end, I propose we start compiling a list of books within this post to help people do their own research.  I have a very nice collection, many of which are extremely hard to find, and I’d be willing to post the titles, ISBN #s, and where I got them, if anyone is interested.  Hopefully other people will do the same.  I know there are a lot of nice books out there that don’t show up unless you specifically look for them, and there may be some great ones out there that are easy to find, but people are unaware of them (in fact, I’m kind of embarrassed to admit that I had never heard about ‘Saving the Tsars Palaces’ until just the other day.  Thanks to the people who posted that!).

For right now, let’s try and keep this post to the palaces themselves (architecture, art, collections, etc.) and then maybe start other ones dealing with the owners etc.

Also be sure to check out the wonderful list that Bob has already compiled at http://www.alexanderpalace.org/palace/book_finder.html that deals primarily with books on the imperial family. 

I’ll post my collection’s info if anyone expresses interest.    It may take me a little while to write everything down, so please be patient.

Hope this takes off!


Also, credit where credit is due, I got this idea because Robert Hall kindly posted some info on a book on Peterhof in another post.  Thanks Robert!


--- Quote from: ArchitectCS on August 20, 2008, 03:58:07 PM ---I’ll post my collection’s info if anyone expresses interest.   

--- End quote ---

It will be very interesting!

Please start with books of TS palaces.

Michael HR:
Pavlosk by Massie is a wonderful book an details the history of the Palace and its destruction by the Nazi's. It then details how the Palace was reconstructed by the Russians and has so much information it is a book you must own.

I have had this book for years and often re read it as it is so uplifting.


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