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Women and the Revolution
« on: March 01, 2010, 04:39:18 PM »
It is obvious that in the French Revolution  Queen Marie Antoinette became a hate figure
for the mobs of Paris........  she was villified in countless pamphlets that circulated the city
she was depicted in all kinds of  pornographic  cartoons   too....

Secret presses were endlessly  printing this material...  the King at Versailles was almost powerless
to  stop it.

    The result is that  Marie Antoinette  became a hate figure... her wealth and extravagence seen in stark
contrast to the  Paris poor  and their hunger in the bread shortages  and the high price of bread.
Its almost as if  sinister  , dark forces behind the French Revolution  used Marie Antoinette almost as
a  catalyst for the  Revolution.

 Tsarina Alexandra  was the  Russian equivalent of  Marie Antoinette.... Im wondering if she became a hate
figure in a similar way ?   were the same  dark, sinister forces at work here too  and once again using
a  female  hate figure to incite the mobs to violent action ?

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