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This topic doesn't fit terribly well with the various headings, so apologies if it's in the wrong place.

In the novel I am writing, set around the murder of Rasputin, I have an episode in which two characters travel by train from Tsarskoye-Selo to Petrograd, from which one is going back to the Stavka and so needs to get a train to Mogilev.

When I visited Russia in 2008, I got a train to Tsarskoye-Selo from the Vitebsk Station. Would this have been the case in 1916? And did trains to Mogilev also run from the Vitebsk Station or somewhere else?

Some nerd is bound to pick me up if I get it wrong! After all. I am that kind of nerd myself.


A good question! All trains from SPb [Petrograd] to Mogilev passed via Tsarskoye Selo and departed from the same station - Tsarskosyel'sky Vokzal [since then renamed Vitebsky]. However, the fast train Petrograd - Kiev that departed on 10:30 PM, had comfortable coaches and was usually used for trips to Stavka, didn't stop at Tsarskoye. Its first stop after leaving Petrograd was Vyritsa. Therefore it was feasible to travel from Tsarskoye backwards to Petrograd by a commuter train, then to board the Kiev-bound train at the same Tsarskosyel'sky station.

By the way, today the situation is exactly the same: in order to get by rail from Pushkin to Mogilev, Kiev, Odessa etc. in a decent way, one has first to go to Petersburg's Vitebsky station by an elektrichka.


Many thanks for this. This is exactly what I need. One character is going to the Stavka, the other back to Petrograd only, so they can get the commuter train into Petrograd and have a cup of coffee at the station before making their farewells.


Another one.

My main character will soon be going from Petrograd to the Stavka by that fast train departing at 1030pm. How long did the journey take?



This train arrived in Mogilev at 5:03 PM next day, stopped there for 15 minutes and continued to Kiev and Odessa. Therefore the travel time from Petrograd to Stavka was 18.5 hours. Today it's more or less the same.


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