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Это вопрос или утверждение ?
This is a question or a statement?


I already posted this but I am putting it here as well:

www.aroundspb.ru/maps has a map of St Petersburg/Petrograd/Leningrad dated 2.26 (February 1926?) and the surrounding area including Tsarkoe Selo . It is a topographical map  and I don't think the area changed that much since 1916-17

There is also a 1943 railroad atlas at www.soldat.ru.filers

I hope this is of some use.


Definitely useful.

I will have a look.


At looking at some of the replies I have some comments:

Coffee was getting in short supply in Russia in 1916. If it involves Sandro who was a Prince even he would be complaining about its high cost and being hard to get. You might want to have them drinking tea.

Train travel was longer in 1916 do to the demands of WW I which clogged the tracks. Add to this the Russian rail service was breaking down by this time in part do to overuse and lack of maintenance. you could have Sandro and others complaining about how bad things are getting.

Stavka as a reply pointed out would have the Quartermaster ready to handle incoming officers. Sandro  and all others would have to show there travel orders and identification ect.


Once again, many thanks. I can certainly fit in the coffee shortage and train delays. Fortunately, the Life Guard Hussars have a very efficient Officers' Mess Warrant Officer, who has managed to get hold of coffee, but perhaps the mess bills have had to go up!



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