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Excellent. So they arrive at Mogilev in nice time to dress for dinner.


You probably know that all kinds of dress uniforms and evening attire were banned at Stavka. The military personnel, including the royals, wore field uniforms, the civilians - quasi-military or business suits.


Thanks for that - a bath and a clean shirt then.

What sort of accommodation was provided - my visitors are two captains?


Hey Ann,  your story sounds intriguing :)    I'm not familar with trains and railstations but perhaps they slept in a berth.

There were a dozen hotels in Mogilev, all fully booked for the Stavka needs, together with many rented apartments and private homes. Visiting officers and other officials had to apply to the Stavka quartermaster's office that operated around the clock and allotted accomodations according to the visitor's rank. Two captains might be offered to share a room at a rented apartment, or a vacant room in the barracks of one of several army units stationed in Mogilev, or a compartment in one of the several trains permanently parked at the railway station.


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