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This might seem like a silly question  :-[. As we all know the Imperial Family lived in the Alexander Palace at Tsarkoe Selo. During all that time was the Catherine Palace empty? Was it ever used? Did other members of the Imperial family live in it?

Maria Pavlovna (GD Paul's Daughter) says in "The Education of a Princess" that her family stayed in the Catherine Palace when in Tsarskoe Selo, and I believe I have read about others staying there too.

Bob I read that too! But I thought GD Paul had his own home on the grounds of Tsarkoe Selo.

Hi, ;)

The GD Paul was given a suite of rooms in the Catherine palace at Tsarskoe Selo when he became Commander of the imperial Horse in the early 1890's, just after marrying Alexandra of greece.

I think GD Paul lived there a few years, even after his wife's death. It's only after being dismissed because of his relationship with Olga Pistolkors than he left the country and went to paris. When he returned, he went to live with his family on the English Quay in St petersburg.

I don't know if others members of the Imperial family had lived in the Catherine palace during this time.   ???
I don't think they liked very much this estate except for its beautiful gardens and the wonderful walks and rides they were able to do on it.

brnbg aka: liljones1968:

i believe the grand duke Pavl Aleksandrovich occupied a suite of rooms on the ground floor of this (the left) wing.   however, i'm not sure which rooms they were.


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