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Hello Elisa!
The train station in that book is the private train pavillion of Nicholas and Alexandra. There was also the town train station, with its lovely architecture, that was damaged during the wwii and then reconstructed in "soviet" neoclassical style. I wonder whether the building was or not so damaged, because the structure of the new station is quite similar to the former one...

When they rebuilt the train station after the war they preserved part of the old facade.  The town station had been enlarged several times from the 1840's until 1917 on the same core.


Sadly my personal impressions of the Tsarskoe Selo station were disappointing. We caught the City train back to SPb in 2002. The facade was acceptable structurally but needed attention if one looked closely. There were three nice "bas relief" cameos of famous Russian poets - Zhukovski, Karamzin and Derjhavin visible on one side, but these were crumbling at the edges. The tunnel which lead to the platform was dingy and smelly. There were many stalls on the platform itself with locals?selling trinkets which I felt detracted from the place itself trying to catch the few passing visitors on Sunday.

At the end journey at Vitebsky Vokzal (Station) there was a train engine and carriage housed in a glass enclosure which displayed one of the Tsarist trains which conveyed the Imperial Family between the two cities.

The Vitebsky Vokzal train station was more of a disappointment to me - when one enters the huge station one sees and smells the decay and the dirt.  The concrete under foot was almost a hazard, so broken and full of holes.  The stairwell to The Imperial Waiting Room was dusty and smelled of urine. The huge room itself was lovely to be sure but it was empty - no one uses it or even visits it, what a waste.
Getting train tickets to Tsarskoe Selo was a breeze.  Instructions in the tour guides had been so informative. I loved the train ride for many reasons.
I loved the train station at Tsarskoe Selo and maybe it was because I was so excited to be there.  It did have parts of the old structure, although it does need repair.  You could see (and envision what it had been like in N&A day) with the stone archway and the pillars.  The smell didn't bother me because it was outdoors and a lovely warm sunny day.  And it was very clean - no garbage. We did not see vendors of any kind. Waiting for the train to go back was a treat because I was able to watch the people.  
I'd go back tomorrow!!

Depending on the time you travelled along this route, Vitebsky Vokzal was also undergoing re-construction in 2002-3. Perhaps it more pleasant now. At least train travel is safe. The Sunday we went there were a few lads selling SPb maps on board the train, but they were never in your face.  Maybe its a Sunday thing, because locals know that there would be more visitors on that day.

Despite the wooden seating, the most exciting part of the journey by train was not just viewing the scenary ... the plains and vegetation but knowing that the Imperial Family used the very same track. One could almost visualize the Imperial days and imagine how it might have been.



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