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Was it possible that it was Tatiana who survived?



--- Quote ---At the risk of going round an old loop for members I'm afraid Occleshaw's book does not bear serious examination.  A few points:

1/  Occleshaw has "Tatiana" flown out of Ekaterinberg by the British.  He doesn't explain how any aircraft got there or how it managed to then fly her to Vladivostok.  I have spoken at some length on this subject with the former editor of "Cross & Cockade International" and we are agreed there was no aircraft at the time could have feasibly done this.

2/ Occleshaw claims that records of the RAF contingent in North Russia 1918 (where he assumes the aircraft came from) are not released into the National Archive AIR1 papers and claims to have information they never will be.  He is correct in this - because they are in the AIR2 series and I have copies of them in my drawer.  Curiously they make no reference to a rescue mission.

3/ Occleshaw claims that Richard Meinertzhagen was working for a War Office section dealing with Intelligence on Russia - not according to the contemporary War Office List he wasn't.

4/ Occleshaw claims that a mysterious Miss Marguerite Lindsay who entered UK on 8 August 1918 on the same ship as Mrs Meinertzhagen was "Tatiana" as there is no record of her ever existing.  Those interested can trace her previous trans-atlantic journeys by looking her up on the Ellis Island web-site.  She seems to have travelled frequently prior to 1918.

5/ Occleshaw neglects to mention, in his excitement at finding Miss Lindsay arriving on the same ship as Mrs Meinertzhagen, that Richard meinertzhagen and his wife loathed each other like poison and their marriage was likely never consumated.  Mrs M is hardly the person he'd trust on a delicate mission.

Just a few of the fairly serious objections to Occleshaw's book which older members may have seen before.

Phil Tomaselli
--- End quote ---

There is noted in some books that an airplane did fly over the Impatiev House and it's presents seem to distrub the CHEKA.

The RAF were not the only airplanes in the sky.  The Reds and the Whites had their own airplanes.

I've forgotten the URL but there is a site that talks about the WWI Aces and there is some on the Red and White air forces.  

I remember seeing in the Russian SF museum some photographs of the White Army pilots who were considered heroes.

Course,  I'm not saying that Occleshaw's story is how Tatiana escaped,  if she is the one who did,  I'm just adding to what Phil was saying.



--- Quote ---Was it possible that it was Tatiana who survived?


--- End quote ---

Yes, if umpteem American and Russian experts are wrong.

Otherwise, no.

As with the the other sisters, there is a difference between 'missing' and 'survived.' A body is missing, but that doesn't necessarily mean she got away:(


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