Author Topic: Parents of Princess Zenaida - Nikolay Borisovitch and Tatiana Alexandrovna  (Read 42639 times)

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Tatiana Alexandrovna

Is one copy of the other? Wich one is the original?
The one wearing the tiara is the one that belonged to Tatiana's mother in law Zenaida and hung at her chateaux in Brittany(and presumably came back to Felix when a court case in the late 1950's restored the chateaux and its contents to Felix). The tiaraless pic hung in Prince Nicholas's study at the Moika palace and was amongst the 42,000+ objects of museum quality taken to the Hermitage in 1924 when the palace was emptied by the soviets.
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Princess Tatiana Yusupova holding a baby ( not sure if it's Zenaida, Tatiana or Boris)