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This is a painting of Felix but I don't know the artist or the date, do any of you?


It looks like this photo was taken during the time the famous Felix Yussupov painting with his dog was made. I thought it was an interesting picture...

That's a favorite of mine. It is indeed Felix posing for Serov in 1904.


--- Quote ---That's a favorite of mine. It is indeed Felix posing for Serov in 1904.
--- End quote ---

Annie, do you know where it was taken?

I thought it was Arkangelskoe but looked it up to be sure.

From Lost Splendor:


Arkhangelskoye had a friend and admirer after my own heart in the person of Serov, the artist who came to paint our portraits in 1904.

He was a delightful man. Of all the artists I have ever met in Russia or elsewhere, my memory of him is the most precious and vivid. His admiration for Arkhangelskoye, which revealed his acute sensibility, was the basis of our friendship. In an interval between sittings, we sometimes went into the park, sat down on a bench under the trees, and had long talks, His advanced ideas influenced the development of my mind considerably. I must add that in his opinion there would have been no cause for a Revolution if all rich people had been like my parents.


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