Author Topic: Network of people high up in society some 125 years ago - a list some 11 pages  (Read 1334 times)

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To those looking for their family roots all over in Europe and Russia etc...

I have got a work where there is a list of some 11 pages of people who are important and many are royalties, their tasks and professions, in this world some 125 years ago. I think many of you could be very interested in it as many could find there some name belonging to their relationships and families. But where could I publish that list? The work is such I am quite sure I can publish it and nobody asks anything. The book is printed in 1930.

The list is made around the great Finnish painter Albert Edelfelt (see Wikipedia) who has made the nice painting Queen Blanka, Rida, rida, ranka... to the stories of Topelius... and in his circles there is even Aurora Karamzin and he has drawn and painted her (see Wikipedia)... I have a lot text I would like to post somewhere but I suppose this is not the right place. I am related to Aurora Karamzin through just some few married couples of ancestors...

What can I do in order to get this list published? Has somebody some ideas? I suppose it is impossible to here publish pdf-texts or can I?

I can even see that a lot of people have been looking to my texts... they are not all only bullshit but here is really something strange going on and things developing to the direction it is not impossible we will face the WW3 who knows when and even very soon.