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A little help please!

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My dad recently showed me a black & white picture of some members of his family before the revolution and before he was born. They are standing and sitting around what appears to be a really big man made mushroom. You know the ones with the red spots one sees in fairy stories.
It looked like it was a very beautiful garden and I would love to know where it is, as he says he doesn't remember. His nanny, though is also in the picture, she must have been nanny to the other children too, she was an abyssinian lady, and quite beautiful.

What do you need help with?

Hi There,

It is impossible to provide you any information when we cannot view the photograph you have described. In which country or city was the photograph taken?

I think it may have been taken in the St Petersburg area, I will ask dad again next time I see him and also ask if I can have a copy...I am not sure he will let me have it, but I will try.
Thanks for helping me.

Oh I see now I did not ask what help I required.

Sorry sometimes I assume people are mindreaders,
I do apologize!

I just wanted to know where exactly this garden is, or was. It just looks so magical and a different world.

Its hard because dad does not like me to ask too much, and I hesitate to ask too much as its hard for him too.

I wonder if many children that are born to russians that have been through the tough times have found it difficult to with their parents to speak of other times.

anyway just trying to understand a bit of family background. I would like to be able to tell my children a little of their grandfathers history.


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