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Photo of TMA at governor's mansion, Mogilev

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I happened to come across this photo, I never saw it before. It looks like it was taken from in front of the governor's house in Tobolsk (?):

This photo appears in the book "The private world of the last tsar" edited by Paul and Beatrice Grabbe (the original photos are by General Count Alexander Grabbe), page 148. The text under the photo:
"The Grand Duchesses look playfully from a window of the governor's mansion (1916)". The governor's mansion is not the one in Tobolsk, but in Mogilev, where Nicholas II had his headquarters. He was living in the governor's mansion there, sharing his room with Alexei. His family (including the grand duchesses) used to visit them sometimes.

Thanks, Katia. The reason I thought it was Tobolsk is because the GD's are dressed similarly to their photos from Tobolsk. I guess all governor's mansions look alike  ;).

I always thought it was Tobolsk, since a lot of the photos in Grabbe's book are misdated/misidentified.  Looks like the Tobolsk house to me..

I also thought it was the Tobolsk house, but if it was taken in 1916 that doesn't make sense for them to be in Tobolsk. I guess I thought because of the way the house looked, as Lanie said, it looks like the Tobolsk mansion -- and the way they were dressed, but they also dressed that way in Mogliev.


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